My goodness, wonder the Falcons are ridiculed when they fans are just, people force me to be your enemy. Any wonder I'm permanently banned at two prominent Falcons fans only sites.hahaha whew, saves me from reading idiots' thoughts derived from people with a small organ betweeen they ears.

Jussss lemme say this,...the refs didn't cheat, they didn't throw the game. The Bills dominated the Falcons, FACT. You people embarrass me greatly. Alright, here's facts.

Remember Aaron Rodgers' fumble which the Falcons ran back for a TD? Just lemme make this quick. Rodgers fumbled his attempted pass and so did Matty today. If the football shows any sign of coming out of a non-throwing hand and a throwing hand,'s a fumble. In Rodgers' fumble the pass behind the line of scrimmage wasn't the issue as many think still. They were looking at the football and how it came outta his hand,...and he did fumble it. As for Matty's fumble today, he did indeed manage to throw the ball 9 yards up field but in that action the ball was dislodged slightly before his arm went forward. It wasn't much but things are called different now than 20 years ago. 20 years ago that would've been an incomplete pass. But, went back for 6 Bills points in today's game.

Now if ya wanna bitch? That was a BS review on the Bills late INT,...that guy used the ground to gather it up without question. Man, that's a RULE. And it sealed the Falcons fate. It was a bad call outta New York without doubt. Guess one could say their decision was "fixed" but why? Fact is, the Bills beat the shit outta the Crows. The old sayin' is ya can't allow the refs to dictate the outcome.

Good grief,...thank you lawd we're coming up on a bye week for several reasons. One being the Falcons are beat up all to be damned. The other is,...MAYBE this whining and bitching at 3-1 will recede but I doubt it. There's always a gonna be folks who dwell in negativity, making excuses for failures and so forth.

Some of these people are tenured posters with up to 16,000 posts. And ya'll know what? Do me a favor I beg you all. I can endure my favorite NFL team embarrassing me. But when the fans of my team do it? nah uh We're sposed to be a little more adult than even our players whom are children in my mind.

Bottom line boys,...and a few gals,...the Bills beat the Falcons to a pulp.