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Thread: Gints 0-4!!

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    Gints 0-4!!

    But I kinda envy them.

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    Great...they get Darnold or Rosen and we'll trade for Eli.

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    The curse of Brandon Marshall is just too delicious

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    You have fallen for some fake news IBG!

    That's impossible considering they have the 2017 equivalent of the greatest show on turf!

    Adding Marshall to Eli & OBJ has resulted in an unstoppable offense!
    "On to 2017"

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSGold12 View Post
    Great...they get Darnold or Rosen and we'll trade for Eli.
    Now, that's funny!

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    Many many people including myself expected there to be a 0-4 team in New York this season I don't think anyone in their right mind expected that team to be the Giants.

    If they drop that home game to San Diego with games @ Denver and vs Seattle up next they're staring down the barrel 0-6, 0-7.

    Heads are gonna roll there.

    How could I have been so wrong about them?

    Oh well.

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    Let's just say ... not a good year to be in a survivor pool. LOL

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    They will win 9 in a row squeak in the playoffs and beat NE again, it's what they do.
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    Yea, he's always been a bit of a cancer.

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