In the 1st half Q had his D playing that stupid zone defense. That led to a Bills 7-3 early lead as the Bills ran effectively and played D like a top tier NFL unit. It also helped the Bills that Matty was off on most of his passes, especially the deep throws. But it didn't help he was facing a blitz on every obvious passing down. As ugly as it was the Falcons led at halftime 10-7.

Looks like Julio won't play for a while,...a hip problem. Include Sanu the 2nd WR hamstring's hurt and the injuries are piling up and no one is giving the Falcons any excuse like they do with the Packers, Lions and anyone who plays the Falcons.

Matty had zero time to throw the ball. I mean the Falcons O-line played like crap. He had to get the ball out so fast it effected his accuracy.

But this zone D is supposed to be strong against the run but what the,...LeSean McCoy looked like Emmitt Smith. I mean gaining chunks of yards,...6 yd gains, 8 yds gains and it was alll damped game long. If it was 3rd and short, every time it was converted. Pathetic run defense. Surprising and disappointing at the same time. A team, the Bills, who has struggled in they run game but not today. This zone D is also supposed to prevent deep passes,...haha is it? There were multiple successful Bills' deep throws. And only two,...2 Falcons blitzes I saw the entire game and even then it was just 5 rushers. I'm sick of it. Man,...this is why the Falcons lost SB51,...almost had the Bears come back to win the first game of 2017,...almost saw the Lions come back to *win* the game. Even though dominating the Packers, they were coming back against a soft defense.

I know one damn thing,...if the Falcons didn't have such a potent O this would be a real problem. pfffft in my mind this defensive scheme is a problem. Coach Q is being stubborn, playing a SAFE defense? No blitzes, vanilla and what happens when ya run up on a D like the Bills that can slow your O down? And your D can't stop their run game? Q stuck with it the whole game. <sigh> guess ya get what ya get sometimes.

The Bills are a good football team. I thought only the Dolphins could dethrone the Patriots but apparently I was mistaken.

There are no sour grapes here. The Bills beat the Falcons straight up. Kudos to Sean McDurmott and his defense. And after all,...3-1 ain't that bad. There's been many seasons at this time the Crows were 1-3 and already out of the playoffs after September.