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Thread: My thoughts (around the league) coming into week 4

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    My thoughts (around the league) coming into week 4

    1. I think the Giants will blow out the Bucs today. Their O started to wake up at the end of last week's game and their defense is due for a bounce back performance. I can't see them starting 0-4. If I'm wrong stick a fork in 'em.

    2. They shouldn't be able to do it with the way their O/Cam Newton has been playing so far this season. I have a feeling Carolina can beat New England today. Carolina is a experienced team they'll have to dig down deep work up their A game to do it. New England hasn't been good at home either they should've lost last week.

    3. If the Saints are back on track to being the team I thought they were coming into the season they'll destroy Miami in London. There's no way Cutler not two months back from retirement should be able to hang with Drew Brees. It's not a real home game for Miami another plus for New Orleans.

    4. Mike Francesa says he doesn't think anyone can beat Atlanta in their place. I think Buffalo has a good shot today. Tyrod Taylor & Lesean McCoy are built for speed playing indoors on a fast track helps them I think.

    5. Denver is the class of the West. JMO

    The Fraud's defense could continue to get exposed in Denver today. I never bought into the Oakland hype I didn't see it. Nice little team I don't see this juggernaut future NFL champion. Denver suffered a Super bowl hangover in 2016 Oakland was there to take advantage good for them

    This year Denver is back.
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    Miami is getting shut out by the Saints horrid defense!!!!!

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