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Thread: London Lowdown

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    London Lowdown

    Set up your coffeemaker: in an epic match not yet seen outside this nation, the Miami Dolphins will confront the (visiting) Nerlene's Saints on or about 9 AM tomorrow. Drew Breeze will be facing the same pansy-antsy linebacker corps that the great Josh McCown tore apart last week, but then again they haven't played in London (only twice) near as much as the Fin's (eleven times, according to my source.) To try to offset Miami's inherent home field advantage, N.O. unceremoniously ushered their team out of town several days ahead of team Dolphins. Will this help?

    Any attempt to prognosticate this game following the Jaguars 44 point dismantling of the vaunted Raven D may end in futility, but along I came. Drew Breeze cut up a cold Cutler in 2011, almost doubling his QB rating for the game. Then in a 2013 meet -n- greet, Cutler actually had a better QB rating (128 to 120) than Breeze, though the Bears still lost. The very next year though, the Bears lost to Saints again with Cutler taking an abysmal 57 QB rating...

    All eyes on the QB in this upcoming epic matchup! For the second week in a row Cutler produced a 70's QB rating, even though he was over 70 in completion pct. with those inside cut passes that are so hard to complete. In the opening drive his precision passing led them up to about the 5 yard line, when the coach calling the plays dialed up a fade to Julius Thomas, their new T.E. If that pass was caught and everything else was the same, then Cutler would've gotten an 117.5 rating for the game.

    Instead though, J/T didn't even turn around to try to catch the pass and the CB intercepted it easily. In these types of passes there's always a fight for the ball, a stone head can't catch a TD pass. Meanwhile Cutler has to throw the ball before the play develops. It's all on the receiver to make the play. Wonder why they don't come up with a Receiver Rating, instead?

    To add to that, the running game seemed to get worse with each Dolphins possession. According to official box score stats, Cutler was 20-28-0-1 for 164 yards and their total offensive yardage was 186 yards. A-Jay-I did get some nice runs in but other times they were stuffed behind the line. And Cutler had been sacked four times!

    As far as the D, who can blame them for two straight losses? In both the last two games they held the opposing team to 20 points, and if the Offense can't beat that they aren't very good. Seems like the other teams have the Fins offense well understood. They need to come up with some new wrinkles or they will keep losing.

    Last season the Fins lost 4 of their first 5 games, yet still made the playoffs. While this start may disappoint, it's way too soon to throw in the towel.
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