Boy, the injury bug has bitten hard. Tomorrow there'll be 5 players, 3 starters out. The Bills have a couple dings but are in better shape than the Crows. Two Falcons DEs out and the starting RT,...which points towards an ugly game.

The Falcons will be without five players -- three of whom are starters -- on Sunday when they take on the Buffalo Bills (2-1) at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. RT Ryan Schraeder (concussion), S Ricardo Allen (concussion), DE Vic Beasley (hamstring), DE Courtney Upshaw (ankle/knee) and RB Terron Ward (neck/shoulder) have all been ruled

Two rookies will start at DE and Safety.

The more I look at this game tomorrow,...I dunno. Looks like the Crows offense will have to be clicking or there'll be trouble. There's noooo doubt the Bills will be intent trying to establish a run game attempting to keep the Falcons offense off the field. Q knows this and will be equally intent on stopping the run, and with the Bills that includes their QB as a run threat on a pass play.

It's Sean McDermott's defense that could help the Bills come out victorious. There's a gonna be some serious blitzing by the Bills, no doubt. And if the Falcons O-line aren't wearing they big boy shoes tomorrow it could be ugly. Wish the Crows had this stud on the line today,...Bill Fralic

But on the flip-side as I go into X's and O's here,...when the Bills bring 8 or 9 men, sometimes 10 in the box,...if Freeman or Coleman gets into the secondary, there is the chance for big chunks of rushing yards, just sayin' is all.

It's always neat to play teams like the Bills, Dolphins or like the Titans, Jaguars,...teams we don't see but every 4 years.

haha It's gonna be ugly,...either a Falcons rout or a low scoring, close game. Point spread has remained static all week at 8.hmmmm if I was a betting man just might place a C on the Bills in this one.

Oh yeah,...the game will be televised by CBS and that's great! No Aikman and little Bucky.whew But I wonder, ohhhhh I wonder if the announcers will constantly talk 'bout the Falcons injuries as an excuse like they did for the Packers and Lions? I doubt it. But that's the way it is I suppose.