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Thread: If Darnold has a bad game tonight...

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    If Darnold has a bad game tonight...

    The naysayers will come cascading down on him... May be a good thing. Maybe Rosen will get pushed up, but not high enough to number one, meaning they will both be there from 5-15... Meaning we can het back to rooting for this team to win.

    I am hoping Darnold struggles enough tonight to cast some doubts.

    Another guy to keep an eye on tonight is Luke Falk, he's coming out too and he may move up the draft board with a good game.
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    There is no way whatsoever that Darnoldt and Rosen are getting drafted in the 5-15 range. JMO of course, but I cannot even remotely see that. The Bears just traded UP to #2 for Trubisky!!!!!!!!! Carson Wentz went #2 coming out of ND St!!! Marcus Mariotta went #2 overall coming out of the spread and with plenty of doubters. These guys have ALREADY done enough to be locked in as blue chips. Certainly they could have bad finishes and gain some debate, maybe even actual "detractors" but they are lock top 3 blue chips ALREADY. IMO

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    Maybe 3 or 4, and then 5-15 for Rosen depending on their play. Lots of football left amd then combines where they take you apart, a lot can happen. Rudolph may rise too, injuries can happen.

    I thought Dalvin Cook was a top 10 lock and he went in the second.
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    Peyton Manning had a few bad games in college, so I'm not too worried.

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