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Thread: Kudos to the NFL

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    Kudos to the NFL

    I tear 'em a new one when they deserve it so now I gotta praise them when they do something well.

    I hardly watch TV anymore except on Sundays when the NFL games are on. I cancelled the sports channels in my cable package due to cost so I don't watch ESPN, I don't watch NFL network., I don't watch the pregame shows, I don't watch the postgame shows, I don't watch football night in America so I miss out on the highlights from other games that weren't shown during the games I watched.

    I DO watch lotsa lotsa lotsa lotsa lotsa lotsa lotsa lotsa lotsa lotsa lotsa Youtube on my Ipod I go to sleep with my earbuds on just about every day.,

    This past Sunday afternoon I noticed in my Youtube suggested list official game highlights from EVERY NFL game this past weekend from the official NFL youtube channel I didn't even know they had a channel. Not 2:00 or 3:00 of highlights clips 7 to 8 minutes worth of highlights for each game. That's cool I said to myself.

    From there it only got better.

    They have game previews. ALL TDs scored that weekend, highlights from individual players but it got even better yesterday on my Youtube suggested list they have Jets-Lions from week 17 1997 the FULL game, commercial free in excellent visual-audio quality. I remember watching that game as a kid man there was so much I had forgot watching it again. I'm a quarter and change into it man Neil Odonnell was having a pretty good game up 10-0 ay yai yai.

    Then I noticed other games on my suggested list they have the Monday Night Miracle game, recent Championship games the 49ers-Seattle NFL Championship from two or three years ago and all FREE of charge (for now).

    I can't say enough good things about it.

    Check it out if you haven't done so yet.

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