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Thread: Taking a pulse

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    Taking a pulse

    Must be gettin' old. And the numbers say I am but as a HOF MLB pitcher said, "It's mandatory to grow old, it's optional to grow up." I agree.

    Scanning Falcons and Bills message boards has been interesting this week. Old timers like me have to remember lots of fans can be 35 years younger than you and it's amazing when a younger fan of both teams says something like,...bless you older fans, I was born in 1993 and I HAVE FELT THE SAME WAY. Ya know, regarding the Bills 4 SB losses and the Falcons awful history for many years, say back into the late '70's. And the way recent Falcons and Bills have not been very successful.

    Bills fans are knowledgeable folks. They agree the most area of concern is the overall speed of the Falcons, especially the WRs. Very good assessment there. But a few note correctly the Falcons D is super fast, which it is. One guy posted the Bills will have to run successfully and keep the Falcons O on the sideline. I agree but I'll add their mobile QB runs for at least 3 1st downs. But he best be careful cause the Falcons LBs are super fast and can catch him before he gets outta bounds.

    The younger Falcons fans held on after the ridiculous outcome to Super Bowl 51. Impressive cause shows resiliency. And to be a Falcons fan I promise ya gotta be resilient. haha If it's not those media bobble heads who despise the Falcons, it's gonna be others always finding flaws in this or that. And of course the fact the Falcons have broken fans hearts for decades,...hell ya'll must be resilient sho nuff. But there's something more notable. Falcons fans recognize the talent of the present team and they are behaving more like fans of a winner instead of a mediocre team. With pretty much class because they've been trolled and flamed by fans of other teams so much.

    It's interesting also that both teams' fans tend to flock together at certain sites. There's a couple Falcons MB sites that are currently empty when at one time they had nominal activity, say, back in the Vick era.

    Some of us don't need espen, the nfln, pregame shows. In fact all of those are a waste of time and I personally don't watch them at all. Before a game we listen to a radio pregame feed outta Atlanta until game time. And if the FOX team of Aikman and Buck are calling the game, *MUTE* and the radio stays on. I refuse to listen to that bellowing bastard, Aiky breaky fart. The best way to learn 'bout other teams is to take the pulse of their fans.

    Bills fans are a classy bunch,...well, the ones I've seen so far. As we know there's always the other types.

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    I like a thread that makes me think. Where are all them fast teams that have been great in the past? Speed kills them, or they can't sustain success. Think now the greater part of the NFL's elite teams have been consistent and balanced, to say nothing of well managed.

    Is this is a good way to think, or am I leading you astray? This is not to intone Falcons aren't a well-managed team, they are run by great ownership. Sometimes the older franchises tend to be stable and have conservative time-tested philosophies, though. It takes... what will it take for Atlanta to repeat?

    Fin fans are happy to have missed the season opener, but now it looks like the Bucks can be inconsistent, especially with a Sophomore QB...

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