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Thread: De shaun Watson, a true American.

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    I wanted Watson and Cook, one and two, a perfect young QB/RB tandem. We would be set and looking forward to the playoffs now. Instead we have to sit through this exceutiating season hoping somehow we suck badly enough to get Darnold while at the same time rooting for the young players to be just good enough to lose, but not too bad.
    Watson had a great game in NE, a place where young QBs go to be schooled and embarrassed by the great Belly. Only the defense choking ruined that effort. HUGE upside with this guy, he looked clam and collected at all times, even under a lot of pressure and a collapsing pocket. At times it was almost like he was dancing and toying with the pass rushers while keeping his eyes downfield.

    I think I posted it on game day -- he is the guy we hoped Geno was.
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