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Thread: De shaun Watson, a true American.

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    De shaun Watson, a true American.

    Deshaun Watson gives first game check to Texans cafeteria workers who lost everything to Harvey


    Rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson donated his first game check Wednesday to three women who work in the Texans' cafeteria and lost everything in the flooding after Hurricane Harvey, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports.

    During a break in preparation for Sunday's game against Tennessee, Watson went to the cafeteria inside NRG Stadium and presented Denisse Benavides, Isabel Sanchez and Maria Rincon with one check each to help them recover from the flood.

    The women were overwhelmed. They cried, hugged him and thanked him for his generosity.
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    Not only that, he's fun to watch! Going to be a good one.

    They should have beaten the Pats.

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    Why didnt he just kneel for the National Anthem doesnt that make all of this countries problems go away?
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    Cue the Uncle Tom vitriol from the jackals on the left

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    God bless, deshaun watson.... now follow suite nfl players of all colors

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    I was with all you guys until someone forwarded me the video of him doing it. They had a camera crew follow him around and he was walking down the hallway talking about it and he went from humble to haughty in an instant for me. I mean the video was complete with post-editing sappy guitar background music. I went from having a lot of respect for the kid this morning to having none (or at least having no more than before I read about it here). Seems like a total PR move. He seems to have done this with the primary intention to broadcast it.
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    Matthew 6:5 "and when you pray..." darn you step for ruining this, but you are correct.. it was an orchestrated ruse

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    George Steinbrenner: "if you do something nice for someone else and more than 3 people know about it, you did it for the wrong reasons"

    I respect what Watson did because it is a lot of money and he legitimately helped people...I just don't really like how he did it.

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    Am i or you a true American when we donate. No ones knocking down my door when i give money to St Jude's or Candlelighter's or Salvation Army or many other groups but i certainly don't call a news conference to do it either. I'm glad they do it but really why the f88k do you need a pat on the back

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    I wanted Watson and Cook, one and two, a perfect young QB/RB tandem. We would be set and looking forward to the playoffs now. Instead we have to sit through this exceutiating season hoping somehow we suck badly enough to get Darnold while at the same time rooting for the young players to be just good enough to lose, but not too bad.
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