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Thread: OTP - here's my solution to the NFL political threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pope View Post
    Of course they're folding, down 11%, sponsors leaving, DIRECTV is issuing refunds on the Sunday Ticket package

    Money talks
    Resale tickets down 18%, players get it, the protestors are f-king with their money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leftylarry View Post
    Good, I can start watching again soon.
    Not me, This shouldn't be a slap on the hand response they have done this for the past year. Then Bennett doubled down saying he was in more fear from the Las Vegas cops then when he was hiding behind gaming machines when he believed shots were being fired inside the Casino he was in. He than bolted as police told him to stop. He continued running till stopped they prone him out hook him up then release when they determine he isnt a threat. But he wasn't in fear of an active shooter it was the men and women going in to engage with an active shooter. Luckily for all the call was false.
    The NFL, espn and the twats again demonized the police and Americans. They will not get my business the rest of said season.
    When you are disingenuous you get punished and not a simple timeout but a good ole punishment to send a CLEAR message

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    I can't disagree, good luck.

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    I cancelled my Sunday ticket... But I will catch it at the bar (the weasel that I am) but I still did my part to hurt them in the pocket.
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    I still sneak a peek at the Vikings. I am still angry for what they did, but hopefully it will help.

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