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Thread: Buffalos in Atlanta, been a while

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    Buffalos in Atlanta, been a while

    Buffalo, New York,...not anything like NY, NY. Out West of the apple are small towns and beautiful land. Just a couple hours drive southeast of Niagra Falls and Buffalo is what they call the, "Grand Canyon of the East." That'd be Letchworth State Park in Western New York,...the State not that city. Such a beautiful place,...

    It's funny few folks know Buffalo is a big time port city on that giant fresh water Lake Erie. All kinds of stuff is loaded/unloaded on they coast. And fans of the Bills are most likely the best fans in all of NFL history. Just look at what they've endured. Shit,'s almost like kindred spirit type stuff,...

    Kinda makes a tear don't it? Well, only babies and animals can make me cry, so,...time to beat the crap outta the Bills BUT!

    But,, I'm tellin' ya'll that team is stocked with serious athletes. Good O-line, mobile-strong arm QB, very good RB and yes, their defense can be had but it ain't gonna be easy like some of ya'll are a sayin' man. My goodness, 8 point spread? C'mon Just proves a bettor can make money on these Vegas idiots. I don't bet(disclaimer to keep me outta jail). But goodness, 8 points? Another proof even Vegas doesn't know what the Falcons are all 'bout. I wanna shake my head and just go, geeesh. I would explain what the Falcons are all 'bout but since I been doin' that shit for decades? WASTE OF TIME as usual with these chilrin' damn chilrins' are NFL players, literal baby boys in a huge man's body.

    There's too much drama a goin' on regarding the NFL. I choose to accept we're watching chilrins acting like,...chilrins.

    To be 4-0 entering a bye would be,...dynastical. For two weeks the media would have to raise the Falcons power rankings, etc. 5-0 always sounds good, not getting ahead of me self mind ya. The Bills are not a bad football team. Next we'll check the injuries in a few days.

    This is classic,...a franchise comes to Atlanta with a history of losing 4 Super Bowls and should sympathize after 28-3. Oh hell no, sympathy.
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