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Thread: Almost a touchdown

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    Almost a touchdown

    There seems to be some Lions fans in the Detroit media and national media, Lions fans apparently, sayin' the Falcons didn't win the game in Detroit the "right way."haha I would give the links but they don't deserve a hit at all. Again it reeealy hurts losing to the Atlanta Falcons, that his historically a fact. Teams have fired they head coaches for losing to the Crows, a fact. It's an amazing thang to behold.

    So anyways, these people are not looking at the game, the entire game. 9 things right quick ya'll,...

    1. Falcons took the lead on the opening possession and never gave it up
    2. Falcons only punted twice while Lions had to punt five times
    3. Falcons had 294 yards passing and 151 yards rushing for just under 450 total yds *
    4. Matty completed 69% of his passes
    5. Stafford was held to 56% and 256 yards passing
    6. Lions were held to 71 yards rushing including 19 from Stafford
    7. Falcons gained 6.6 yards per play, Lions were held to 4.9
    8. In red zone Falcons were 50%, Lions were 33%
    9. Goal-to-go efficiency Falcons were 100% 2 of 2 while the Lions were 0% 0 for 1

    10. Due to poor coaching decisions, ahem, the Lions had used all they time outs which literally cost them a chance to win the game

    Well,...alls I knows is come November this game will have a "W" in the Falcons win totals. It's funny,...remember Super Bowl 34? Rams and Titans? ummmm the last play of the game? Steve McNair's *almost* TD pass that almost won the game?

    Titans fans had a fit! Oh well,'s time to look forward to next Sunday, hosting the Bills as we'll go through the AFC East. After the Bills it'll be a bye, the Phins, then the,...Patriots in Foxboro.

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    I think Stafford is the best part of the Lions. QB to QB he had the better of the 2 ratings this time. The fact that Lions make poor coaching decisions (which is an historical fact) and not such a good overall team (obviously) only enhances the significance of Stafford's better rating. I guess I have to go to Hooters to see these kind of games down here

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