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    Who should get blame for Giants' stunning 0-3 start? Begin with Ben McAdoo, Jerry Reese

    By James Kratch | NJ Advance Media for

    PHILADELPHIA -- Turn out the lights. The party is over - and it never really started.
    The Giants' season is all but kaput after they fell to 0-3 here Sunday, losing to the Eagles, 27-24, on a game-winning 61-yard field goal by Jake Elliott to close a do-or-die contest.
    Yes, the Giants fought back valiantly. But their offense was punchless for three quarters yet again, and their defense was worn down as the game progressed. They left the door open, and the Eagles killed them in the end.
    There's a lot of blame to go around for a team that, after three weeks, has had its Super Bowl aspirations all but nuked and may now find itself in the mix for a top-5 pick against a schedule that won't get any easier. But it starts at the very top.
    Here's a rundown of who is most to blame for this mess, starting with the head coach and general manager:


    Not only did McAdoo keep calling the plays, but he continued to do so rather defiantly.
    An NFL Network report stated McAdoo never even considered giving up play call duties to offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan, despite the fact he told reporters all week it was on the table.
    The first half was a disaster. First, a drive-killing third-and-1 toss play midway through the first quarter that required too much to go right, and was blown up in the backfield. McAdoo then punted from the Eagles' 38, and Philly responded with an 18-play, 90-yard touchdown drive.
    Then, down 7-0 and gifted a short field after Eagles coach Doug Pederson inexplicably went for it on fourth-and-8 near midfield, McAdoo saw his offense drive down for two plays from the one-inch line.
    The fullback the Giants had to have was left on the sideline. On third-and-goal, Sterling Shepard dropped a touchdown pass out of the gun. On fourth down - when he could've taken a field goal and gotten something - McAdoo elected to run Orleans Darkwa, who was ambushed in the backfield for a turnover on downs. It was an inexplicable series of events.

    The second half was better for the Giants, but it wasn't necessarily great for McAdoo. Many of the issues were still there, but Odell Beckham and Sterling Shepard made some extraordinary personal efforts to smooth things over (that Beckham personal foul after the first touchdown really was mature, too).
    It's unlikely the Mara and Tisch families, known for their patience, would consider firing McAdoo after just two seasons, especially after he made the playoffs last year and his team eventually showed up Sunday. But he will be under more fire.


    He bought the groceries, and failed to get the most important ingredient. The Giants' offense is clearly limited by its offensive line.
    Reese's inability, or refusal, to address the line in free agency and the draft may have short-circuited this season before it ever got started. The Giants were able to mitigate the issue against the Eagles with quick passes, but that limits what you can do - and it only works for so long. The running game has been non-existent all year as well.


    Manning threw two more interceptions. The first was woefully underthrown. The second was batted up into the air when he threw directly at an Eagle defender in the flat. Manning made some big plays Sunday, but he has been inconsistent all year - the same as last. His protection has been poor, but still: He's the quarterback, he's the captain. And he hasn't been good enough.


    Continuity, offseason training ... it's not working. Period. The question is how much of that falls on the players, and how much falls on Reese for not getting better players. The fact this line group has played better in the past suggests they deserve a good amount of the heat.


    Perkins hasn't had much blocking, but he's been rather underwhelming in the moments he has. Simply put, he doesn't look like he's a No. 1 back, and he needs to step it up if he is one. Otherwise, the Giants need to start looking elsewhere.


    The Giants have been gashed on the ground this season - a stunning development - and it continued Sunday. The Eagles, who entered the game under fire for their lack of a running game, moved the ball with ease on the ground, including Corey Clement's game-tying 15-yard touchdown run late in the game. Part of it is the fact the Giants' defense is on the field too much, and they did lose defensive end Olivier Vernon to an ankle injury. But still. They need to step up.

    TALK IS CHEAP: Who’s to blame for the Giants’ failures?

    The Giants have had Beckham on the field for two of their losses, so it's hard to play the injury card up too much as an excuse. However, it's hard to not wonder if something would have turned out different if the Browns cornerback doesn't hit Beckham in that preseason game. Beckham at full strength from the start (and on the field against the Cowboys) could have made a difference. How big? Who knows.

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