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Thread: OTP - Fuck Tom Brady!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JWilly View Post
    Who knew nazis were so passionate about RELee? Listen, anytime skinheads/nazis/white suprem... umm how about just open racists, make a move to publicly demonstrate, there is gonna be counter measures. When your group literally STANDS FOR racism, you're never going to be left alone to spew hate unchecked. I'm not condoning extremists on the other side, but I pretty much would back anybody who stands up to pure, unapologetic, racists and there were plenty of "regular" people there too, sickened by all of it.

    And still you made my point, skinheads pulled a permit to demonstate. Nothing happens without that. Oh right, nazis deserve freedom of speech too, and we should all just ignore it and let them have their free speech moment. Yeah, and to stand for it without protest makes this the 2nd coming of the holocaust. If the "other" protesters went to far, shame on them too. But "free speech" doesn't mean sit silently and ALLOW racists to promote racism. It means yell the f@ck back. Beyond yelling, well, again, I'm not condoning any violence.

    Those poor nazis had their FAKE, but totally legally permitted, protest countered? Awe, poor racists. They were just sticking up for good ol American Robert E Lee. That was obviously there true agenda. LMFAO
    You should stick to football. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by pope View Post
    I don't need football, it's just a hobby for me, I have always watched the jets regardless of what their record was, who their coach was, who pulled on their jerseys, it didn't matter to me until now, the left sucks the joy out of everything, now they've ruined sports. Golfing, snowboarding, beach days with my dog and wife are thoroughly enjoyable replacements.

    Without all those white people them "black & hispanics" you speak of would just be another Michael Brown robbing a convenient store and punching cops in the face instead of making millions of dollars, ever think of that? How well is that football league in Africa doing?

    You buy into the false narrative of "hands up, don't shoot", it's a F@cking proven lie yet you and others still continue to push it. Watch the show Cops someday, you'll see white people , black people, brown people all getting the $hit beat out of them BECAUSE THEY"RE COMMITTING A CRIME AND THEN RESISTING ARREST!!!!

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    He does but you are not understanding this correctly. The media wants to divide people along racial and ethnic lines and make it seem like this is all about race. It is not, this is Cultural Marxism at it's best, driving hard a false agenda in order to gain power.

    This is all communist propaganda and you're falling for it.

    No one wants to lynch anybody... 99.9999% of America just wants to go about their own lives, there is not this hatred and animosity anymore in this country, it was all dying until Obama took power.

    Now the "oppressed" are going after power and are becoming oppressive to anyone standing in their way. You need to wske up and realize what's going on and leave the Democratic Plantation that only wants to enslave you.

    Republicans are in it too, but at least there are still some Republicans who are not selling out to the globalists. You need to pay more attention and read and educate yourself more about what's going on.

    Nobody here hates you because you're black, you got it all wrong.
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    Nobody here will ban you for expressing yourself, we are not the regressive left here.
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    hers my problem with your argument you pander for free speech correct. the Ahole KKK and nazis have been gathering for 50 plus yrs kiddo. They go to court to get permits to hold the right to assemble. There asinine speech is protected. They went and not once but twice followed through with a federal court order for a permit for two separate locations and were granted them. Along come the other f**king losers such as ANTIFA the red flag carrying against free speech worthless commie fucks and BLM the we hate whitey and want to be separate from them. They i here got a late minute permit for parks nowhere near the other clowns. yet somehow they were allowed to walk all the way over to confront the other dummies. Then the corupt Virginia governor decide he is gonna make up false claims of bags of weapons being laid out by the statue protecting kkk crowd around their park to which the state police said was a f**king lie. So the Virginia killary clinton governor clown tells the police he is over ruling the federal injunction and shutting it down due to public safety. But make sure you push the two groups together.
    As for the dead victim who was portrayed as some innocent bystander she was actually a card carrying member of anitfa so i will not shed a tear. From the videos shown it appears aholes where hitting the car with bats and pipes so we shall see what really happens from here out.
    So trump was right in stated what he did two groups of a**holes started a riot with the match lite by a dumb crooked GOVERNOR!!!!

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    Wait what, there is corruption in the government. Gosh, I hope Donny can clean it up. LMfAO!!!!!!

    Maybe Putin can help him.

    Listen, Trump went soft. Name names. Call them ALL by names. The problem was he went soft while there were bad groups there. There were ALSO totally innocent good people there and he lumped them all in together and FAILED to NAME NAMES. He weakens his stance, fails to condemn ALL the racist groups by name but goes hard on NFL players. Whatever. Absolute SHIT LEADERSHIP. What can i tell ya. He's a clown.

    Go hard on ALL hate. Or don't offend chunks of your white base. It's all shades of corruption.

    Trump is a clown who missed his opportunity to ATTEMPT to unite. He divided further instead.

    Yeah KKks been forming forever. That's kinda the point. That's why the other extremes come running now. The one side extremests helped creat the newer, also extremist other side. Trump fuels it. Cuz it's better for his chance at reelection. Trump couldn't unify a fat chick and a donut. Tool.
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    I'm for human decency. It's very easy to see. Just like agenda driven hate is also very easy to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JWilly View Post
    I'm for human decency. It's very easy to see. Just like agenda driven hate is also very easy to see.
    Oh good. I was afraid you were in favor of human indecency.

    Then again, your stance could easily be cover for cowardly bowing to political correctness run amok.

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    Then pack your damn bags since you sound like the twat left. Oh offended bye speech i shouldn't have to hear!!!! Thats what the first amendment is all about JW. it protects the offensive sh*t. Its why you have commie douche bags running along side people of all colors who hold their race higher then others. And guess what they can run their mouth all day what makes this country what it is though is if they decide to turn to action they will get their collective a**es handed to them because they then are violating the law.
    So all the phoney ass hitler stuff is just that. No one in this country is systematically being rounded up sent to concentration camps and exterminated due to their skin color or religion or disability. But of course the people that scream about free speech to be heard want to now define what type of speech it should be.
    Oh and JW the President even if you wanted him too couldnt demand everyone just love one another . Either you get out and engage with your fellow man or you don't. pretty simple stuff but i guess some of us need to be taking bye the hand like children

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