Man,...what a great game. The game officials were usually inept but it went both ways for each team, so no need continuing lambasting the zebras I guess. I will say the Lions are the best team the Falcons have met this season so far. But a team can't expect to win with the mistakes,...yeah it was loud in Ford Stadium but c'mon. Falcons false starts were ridiculous. And as always the home team gets away with pass interference and O-holding. And with 42 seconds to play they call Desmond Trufant for holding when he never touched the receiver? hmmmm But they were forced to call the last play correctly or be accused of cheating.

Matty threw 3,...yes 3 INTS, one a 6 pick. But the other two were perfectly thrown balls tipped to defenders. And given this from a high profile Lions fan, the Lions deserved to lose,...such hatred it's really unreal,...

Welcome to Detroit, dirty birds. We're doing our best to reach unseasonably crotch-like temps for you. But, I don't think we can conjure the humidity of a cucumber in a women's prison to make you feel completely at home here.

Nice start man, in fact, Detroit had an unusually warm September day and guess what? No A/C today in they dome? What is it with the NFC North? Chicago's field was having guys looking like they were running in sand. And then in Detroit they try to bake the Falcons? No doubt Falcons players were drinking gatorade out the ass and having to use oxygen cause all those honkies in the stands were breathing all the hot air up. More,...

You're coming in as the favorite, but you fucked up, Falcons. You came to the D on forum game day. You know what that means? It means the Lions defense is going to beat the birds down to the white meat. It means the Lions offense is going to roll Atlanta like Sherman on bath salts. Nothing is going to be "peachy" about this beat down. Open your hymnals now to Apocalypstes 28-3 (you should be familiar with that) and pray that Ziggy doesn't ring those southern bells.

<sigh> here we go again with the Civil War stuff, that gets old. It's actually pathetic. Oh I guess the Union and Confed's armies were playing a game and not killing each other? Shameless and insulting to historians who realize the depth of killing. And then the writer insults Church goers? Southern Bells? Did he mean like hurting Falcons players or what? He continues,...

Two Matts will enter, one Matt will leave. Neither defense will hold the O's in check for long. The Lions will need a last quarter come back to eek it out. Who better to upset in the second half than the biggest chokers of SB history? 31-28, Cats.

ummmmm,...thought ya just said the Lions O would march through Detroit like Sherman, or whatever, and the Lions defense would, "beat the birds down to the white meat." So, in one post your dumbass contradicts yo self?hahaha This guy has over 20,000 posts in the forum he regulars. And in a way I feel sorry for the fool. BTW,...what does it mean to beat someone "down to the white meat?" Is that not racial in first thought? Everyone's meat is the same color, it's the skin color which is different.

hahaha,...a cucumber in a women's prison,...whew that's just some ugly stuff. To mention the Civil War, which often happens when playing the Patriots, Packers, Steelers, Eagles especially the Giants reveals the writer has some age on his old ass. And I dunno know ya'll, but at my age I've learned to NEVER talk like this before a game. ANY GAME of any sort. And hell ya, can bet I could be more creative with a post like that than this buffoon made. But why? Why set yoself up like dat mane? Makes ya look like the fool that you ARE.

As per normal, the site has some great posters. I learned more 'bout the Lions last week that'll tide me over for months,...observing the NFC North for instance.

Lions have a good team. But not good enough today *****_** bless yu,...hahaha