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    The Patriots always downplay injuries. The word up here is that he has a sprained AC joint, or partial separation. It makes it hard to lift one's arm above parallel. He's gotten the p!ss knocked out of him lately and he's 40. Garrapolo missed two weeks for a similar injury last year. He'll play, but the Jets had better be getting some hits on him and I would not be surprised to see his accuracy being off. He'll likely get shot up, but even that can affect it, and Brady hates not being 100%.
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    I hope Ealy is good to go. He should be extra motivated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ret2ski View Post
    I hope Ealy is good to go. He should be extra motivated.
    Yes, a dream scenario would be the Jets harass the hell out of GQ, knock him on his @$$, and force him out of the game; and then Garapolo comes in and wins it.

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