We come together cause opposites attract

Fins currently lead their division. Thanks to the NFL's delayed program for hurricane warning zones, the Tampa Bay game will be fulfilled on the Fins bye week. I guess T.B. had the same bye week or they changed it, at any rate it delayed a most certain opening loss for one of those teams. Almost just as certainly the Fins will force a win up in Jersey Meadows today and if so, then they be 2-0 to start the season.

It just has to be. What no analysis? Ok analysis from Pro Football Reference gives the Fins a SRS of 11.1 compared to a Jets 11.2 and the difference in two teams' SRS ratings can be considered to be a point spread should they play each other if you disregard home field advantage and the fact that this is the second straight road game for the Visitors.

Well enough about the Jets, a Fin's win is simply an article of faith. And so down the road the Fins will eventually meet their doomsayers at home in their 11th game in 12th game of the season sandwiched right in between trips to South Carolina and New England. Those three games don't look especially promising, do they? But then neither does Florida State right now.

In the NCAA world I wouldn't be surprised if Miami is ranked ahead of Tallahassee later this week, and F.I.U. (the state college in Miami) also won their last 2 games albeit after getting trounced on opening day. Even if the fish get squished (and they most assuredly will not) Miami college teams are riding high enough to make up the title to this thread.