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Thread: Welcome to Atlanta Dolphins!

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    Welcome to Atlanta Dolphins!

    I'll try to make this quick,...MAN it's always fun to watch the Falcons and Dolphins play! It don't happen much.

    As the week goes on maybe we can analyze and all that. Gundy and I have already started an interesting thread at the Superbirdsofthesouth and I noticed this Dolphins' forum is getting hundreds of views, excellent, a tribute to Gundy as it will. A true fan of his team, commendable.

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    dOn'T rIdE tHe WhItE hOsS

    The bylines of the week here center on the O.L. coach, who has had a long journey thru the N.F.L. since being eliminated as our Offense Coordinator after the '04 season. Getting cozy back home again, Chris decided to make a vid of himself sans wiener. It shows him snorting a line trying to get some action from the ladies in his life. One of them, ostensibly offended - though probably not even a Fin fan - then decides to make it widely available. He resigned.

    Why is this important? Recall QB's Jay Fiedler, A-Jay Feely and Sage, the final answer? Well I do, all three combined to throw P6's and attained the most Interceptions returned for TD's per season of any team in NFL history. What was the common denominator?

    Mr. Predictability.

    Like it is now, the D seems to know our moves before they happen. Wonder why?

    The O/L and RB coach job isn't that easy. Defensive fronts are always scheming based on the patterns they see on the offense faced. Same way that 13 years ago, the Safeties see into what the QB is likely up to.

    Sure the Dolpnins have done worse after the Foerster (pronounced First-er) season: there was a Cameron Cameron in charge. Cam actually, not the best name in the game these days. And Wanny resigned halfway thru that season also, ostensibly taking the fall.

    So when First-er re-appeared once again on the Fin's staff I say What? This clown with his predictable offense ruined the future of at least one potential NFL backup. In cahoots with Wannstedt no less. What was he doing back here?

    South Beach man.
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