As all of you dumbasses support these ignorant sports figures who claim to have attended college and many can't carry on a conversation without using statements like "you know" none have a degree in politics nor would I care for their opinions even if I agreed. I watch sports 4 the love of the game, of course that is past tense now.

I'm sick of politics, especially from coddled little boys who have been given everything all of their lives, I don't have time for this type of ignorance and what I am beginning to see! so all you sonsabitches can watch college educated idiots disrespect every American that have died for their country. Kneel you ignorant fools, it WILL be the demise of this league.

And here is why, all the people who have enough money like myself that used to purchase that type gifts for Christmas that are still paying 4 these kids. LOL

NO..............not me ever again. let these idiots do as they please and stop getting these big contracts. not one cent of my money will be there.

AND-I will boycott many of the sponsors who have to pay millions for a 1 minute spot!