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Thread: Unsightly Late

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    Unsightly Late

    Welcome back to Dolphins Blog! This is my first pre-game report, for the third game of this season at Met Life Stadium against the beloved J-E-T-S. I will go against expectations and say this will be primarily a ground game. This is because the Jay A Jive works his best stuff behind Pounce. The Fin's 1st-Rd C had been injured most of last season but won't go back home easily forgotten.

    The Other Jay

    Jay Cutler looks like he's under a set of tight reigns. In the brightest of all possible lights, this QB can turn around his career in a year -- much like Vinny Testaverde, Doug Williams, or before them, Jim Plunkett. All three (four) QBs dutifully spent most of their career propelling the ball for their weak -- perhaps doomed is a better word -- teams before going on to win a Super Bowl or providing amazing pass proficiency elsewhere. If the fourth estate comes to fruition, who knows? I just think Cutler merely has to be better than Ryan Tannehill to make his mark with Fin fans. If you remember two of the above QBs played for the T. B. Yuck and all those teams sucked before they changed their outfits.

    The Offensive Line

    Last season is over and all their big boys up front are healthy. I fully expect J/C to have ass protection and another 100+ yards for J/A. I hope to see the Fins develop more Tight End action than what they last showed, not to say Deon Simms was necessarily bad or anything last season. But they did remove and replace him over the offseason so it has to got pay off after awhile.


    Wait 'n see if Matt Burke the New D/C closes the gates on running backs. I don't see the Fins pass coverage as improved yet, so another of my high hopes is on run defense. The LB's are at issue here.

    I think it's easier to play the run. They don't have experience against pass coverage. Fortunately the Jets aren't known for their passing attack this time around and the Fins may be able to buy time for the next game.

    Let's face it this isn't going to be a marquis matchup or anything. If successful the Fins will look like achievers at 2-0, that's all Fins fans need to see (for now.)
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