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Thread: Los Angeles Rams - Washington Redskins Postgame Quotes - September 17, 2017

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    Los Angeles Rams - Washington Redskins Postgame Quotes - September 17, 2017

    Rams Head Coach Sean McVay – Rams-Redskins Postgame Availability – September 17, 2017

    (Opening Remarks)
    “On the injuries, (TE) Gerald Everett had a contusion of his thigh. He came back, he’ll be day-to-day, but other than that we came out clean.”

    (On if this game is a teachable moment going forward)
    “Absolutely, that’s exactly right. It starts with me and we’ve got to do a good job. What I was proud of with our team was we fell behind early – some things that credit to Washington, they made some plays to give themselves a lead and we continued to fight back. We can’t hurt ourselves with the penalties, some of the different things that occurred throughout the course of the game. But, I know that we’ll look at ourselves critically in the mirror, coaches included, starting with me and making sure that we do a good job with our short week of preparation going into a game against our divisional opponent in the Niners and we know it’s going to be a great challenge.”

    (On if WR Robert Woods accountability to admit his mistakes was important)
    “Absolutely. That’s part of that football character that we talk about all the time – taking full responsibility for your actions, for your performance, no excuses, no complaining and that’s why Robert is one of the guys that we’re counting on. We know that he will respond the right way and we expect our entire team to be able to do the same thing.”

    (On why they had so many problems stopping the run)
    “I think they did a good job with some of the schemes. Until we go back and look at some of things on the tape, it’s hard to exactly identify and say, but credit to Washington for doing a nice job today.”

    (On how he felt RB Todd Gurley looked today)
    “I thought he did a nice job. He got some plays out on the perimeter where it was some tight, inside-zone type plays and then he bounced it out and was able to create. I thought the (offensive) line did a nice job. I’ve got to do a better job of giving ourselves a chance to get that going. It was hard in the first half, didn’t really have a lot of opportunities, but that’s not an excuse. It starts with me and I thought that Todd made a handful of plays today and it was good to see him be able to do that.”

    (On if CB Trumaine Johnson had cramps at the end of the game)
    “Just a cramp. Yeah, he’ll be okay. He was just cramping.”

    (On what it was like watching the Redskins drive down the field for the winning touchdown)
    “There was a couple plays here and there where you might have a chance to get off and then you’re also starting to try to gather your thoughts for the two-minute situation, whether you’re playing for a field goal or playing for a touchdown. Again, credit to Washington, they ended up making enough plays to win the football game and we didn’t do that.”

    (On the fake punt)
    “That was a play that ‘Bones’ (Special Teams Coordinator John Fassel) had a lot of confidence in. We’ve seen those guys, they’ve been repping that for a number of weeks now. He said he thought it would be a good time and I said, ‘Let’s go ahead and do it.’ And credit to (WR) Josh (Reynolds) and (P) Johnny (Hekker), they did a great job executing on that play.”

    (On if Redskins QB Kirk Cousins marching the Redskins down the field at the end was his worst nightmare)
    “I think it was – anytime it comes down to the last possession, it’s always exciting in this game. Like I said, those guys made some plays. At the same time, you’re trying to get some thoughts together, trying to foresee how this thing is going to play out. But, they made the plays, we didn’t. We’ve got to look at ourselves in the mirror and see what we can do to get that thing fixed and move forward.”

    (On QB Jared Goff’s interception)
    “It was just one of those deals – they did a good job playing vision defense. (LB) Mason Foster made a flat break underneath on a quick-game concept that we had. I probably could have given us a better play and we could have made a better decision with the football.”

    (On if both staff’s knowledge of each other played a big factor in the first half)
    “I think they did a good job executing. I wouldn’t say that there was anything that surprised us. I just thought it was a good, competitive game. I’ve got a lot of respect for that Washington coaching staff, what they’ve done for me and I thought their defense did a nice job mixing up. (Redskins Defensive Coordinator) Coach (Greg) Manusky, credit to him and his staff. We’ve got to look at ourselves – I’ve got to do a better job for our team as a whole and that’s one of the things that now – first adversity that we’ve faced. We really get a chance to see how we’ll respond on a short week, so we don’t have much time to feel sorry for ourselves about this game.”

    (On if they will have some long hours tonight because of the short turnaround with the Thursday night game)
    “Yeah, you’ve got to start that preparation right away because everything is condensed down. The players will start with the recovery process and it’ll be more of an above the neck approach for the next couple days. But, that process and that procedure in terms of getting ready for that game on Thursday starts right now.”

    (On if today went like how he envisioned it)
    “It was just like any other game. I think there were some things that just looking at myself critically, I can do a much better job of for our team. That’s where you’ve got to be honest with your evaluations, but again, it was good to see a lot of those guys before. There are a lot of emotion involved, but once the game starts, it’s just like any other football game.”

    (On how he thought Goff played today)
    “I thought he did a good job. He created some off-schedule plays. It’s unfortunate the way the game ended where their defense made a nice play and we turned the football over. But, I thought with a handful of things that presented itself in terms of some of the looks, the different things, the situation we put him in – I thought he created and did a nice job for the most part.”

    (On if Gurley’s plays in the passing game were planned or check downs)
    “Couple of them were designed plays where he was the primary and then a couple of them were a great job by Jared being able to progress across the board and be able to find him as an outlet and then he made some plays when the ball got in his hands.”

    (On the familiarity with the San Francisco coaching staff and prepping for them on three days)
    “I think you’ve got to really make sure that what we ask our players to do are things that they feel comfortable with. We’ve got to look at kind of, what are some of the things that we’ve done a good job of? But then also what attacks, the coverages, some of the fronts and different things that the 49ers will present and the same thing for our defense defending their offense and special teams the same. It’s going to be a great challenge. It sounds like they had a tough battle against an excellent Seattle team and I’ve got a lot of respect for that coaching staff in San Francisco and I know (San Francisco Head Coach) Kyle (Shanahan) will have his guys ready to go.”

    Rams QB Jared Goff – Rams-Redskins Postgame Availability – September 17, 2017

    (On his last throw, the interception, today)
    “I think it was a good play by their defense. They covered it up pretty well. A play I probably shouldn’t have cut to the check down on and wish I wouldn’t have made obviously. Tough way to end it, but I think there’s a lot of good things to learn from in this game and obviously never like losing. And never ever, ever are you settling with that, but there were some good things to learn from.”

    (On takeaways from today’s game)
    “I think as a team we can take a lot away. I think we saw that we can fight back. We were down 13-nothing pretty early and couldn’t get much going offensively. Then, we were able to get some big plays and come all the way back – and get a chance to take the lead there and ultimately tied it with the field goal. Then still had a chance to win it at the end of the game. Had a chance to go down the field there and score and put it into overtime. We were unable to, but it’s good to know that we have that capability. With that being said, though, it wasn’t nearly where we could be – so it’s good to know.”

    (On how RB Todd Gurley played today)
    “Tremendous, tremendous. Todd was great. Todd was really good. We talked early on, they weren’t covering him much of our back-field in the pass game, so we were trying to get him the ball a little bit and sure enough we did. He kept jumping over people and making some plays.”

    (On how he would describe the team today in comparison to last year)
    “I think we’re 1-1. The first game we played really well at times and didn’t – and today the same way. I think we’re at the point where it can kind of go either way. You can either fight the adversity and come back on a short week this week, go up Thursday night to San Francisco and play the way we know we can or you can lay down. Knowing the guys in that room and knowing that it’ll be the first. I think that we’re excited to face some adversity and get a chance to respond.”

    (On how Gurley ran the ball today)
    “Great. You know really good. Especially, coming off of last week was not exactly what we wanted in the run game. But, I thought that the line did a great job opening up holes for him. You open up a little space for him and he‘ll make it work. He did a good job.”

    (On tight games in the fourth quarter and if he thinks he must experience those type of situations to learn how to handle them)
    “I’ve been playing for a long time. I’ve been in those situations before so it’s something that I know, and I know how to do. We need to do better in those situations. I need to be better. Ultimately, the whole game comes down to turnovers. We had two offensively and one on a crucial spot there at the end and I don’t think they had any, if I’m remembering correctly. So, that’s a difference of the game. Most of the time that’ll show who wins and losses.”

    (On the difference in the offense this compared to last year’s offense)
    “I think it’s similar to what I was saying earlier. Our ability to fight back that we now know we have. We didn’t have to do it in Week 1 – preseason’s completely different. But, knowing that we can go down 13-nothing, we probably could’ve even gone down 17-nothing and get a chance to fight back. We’ve got the weapons out there to make the plays – to make big plays and we get ourselves back in the game. I think it’s drastically improved. We now know that we’re never out of the fight and continue to keep going. As long as we execute and take care of the ball – good things will happen.”

    (On how the 69-yard completion to TE Gerald Everett materialized)
    “It was just an off-schedule play. I got out of the pocket and saw no one was covering him. He took the correct angle up the field and just gave him the ball and ran it up the field – he made a really good play. He played really well today. The seam ball he came up to was really good – really, really good.”

    (On if his comfort-level in the pocket contributed to the couple plays today where he was able to keep the ball alive)
    “Probably shouldn’t have done as much as I did today. I got a little too comfortable getting outside the pocket. I can probably sit in there and go through the progression a little bit further. But, yeah there were some times where it’s necessary. Today there were some times, but I think that we can be better with that and stick in there and trust the guys upfront and give ourselves a chance to get the ball down the field.”

    (On what an off-schedule play means)
    “Just when nobody’s open early on and I get out of the pocket and (TE) Gerald (Everett) went down the field.”

    (On protection from the offensive line today)
    “Protection’s great. I thought, again, they did a great job. They’ve continued to do a great job with (C) John (Sullivan) leading the charge up there and making all the calls and everyone else following suit and it was really good – really good across the board. Again like what I said with the run game, I thought was really good. Ultimately, I don’t want to keep saying everything was great, you know, we did lose the game, but I thought we did some good things.”

    (On lessons he learned from playing in a short week last season)
    “Get ready. It’s only a few days away and we will be on the road so we get one less day. Just get ready – three days away.”

    (On playing in his home territory of San Francisco this week and what that means to him)
    “It’ll be good. I’m sure I’ll have a crew there. I’m sure I’ll have a lot of people there and it’ll be fun. I’ve played in Levi’s once before in college, so it’ll be a good time to go back there and hopefully come away with the win.”

    (On his familiarity with the players on the 49ers)
    “Yeah, do have a lot of Pac-12 players.”

    (On how that may help)
    “I know they’re good players. That’s the really the only thing. I’ve been hit by them in the past, so hopefully I don’t get hit by them in the future. This week especially. We’ve got to come ready to play and ready to get ourselves another win.”

    Rams WR Robert Woods – Rams-Redskins Postgame Availability – September 17, 2017

    (On how important it is to tie up the loose ends such as limiting penalties and turnovers)
    “It’s a winnable game. I know we want all wins. It’s early in the year, but there’s things we can fix and we’re still in the game. We lost by seven. Still had a chance to come back and win the game. So you see the things – I mean, there are details that cost us the game, but I would say they’re very little that we can correct and just tighten them down. Like I said, we lost by seven, still in the game. If we fix that I feel like we should be able to compete and win those games.”

    (On the fast turnaround heading into Thursday Night Football against San Francisco)
    “Yeah. We’re starting that today. Our staff is already on it. Guys are sticking around in the locker room today just to get ahead of recovery. I mean, this is our day one preparation for San Fran, starts today.”

    Rams TE Gerald Everett – Rams-Redskins Postgame Availability – September 17, 2017

    (On a reason to be optimistic moving forward)
    “We still believe in ourselves and we know what we are capable of. We just had some stuff today that shouldn’t have happened with penalties and just negative plays. So, moving forward we’ve just got to cancel those out the best that we can.”

    Rams RB Todd Gurley – Rams-Redskins Postgame Availability – September 17, 2017

    (On if he feels that he’s starting to hit his stride on the field)
    “Yeah, I can’t be out there fumbling. That’s one thing that I’ve got to fix, but it was a good team effort. We fought hard today and we just didn’t get the result that we wanted.”

    (On if he thinks about things during the game such as having multiple touchdowns and hurdling defenders)
    “It just happens. I don’t really pay attention to it too much.”

    (On if something was different out there today that caused his uncharacteristic fumble)
    “(Redskins CB) Josh Norman…No, he’s a great player. He has that punch down pat, but that’s just no excuse for me to be out there putting the ball on the ground. So, I’ve got to get that fixed for sure.”

    (On if he feels more comfortable with getting more touches in space)
    “We did a good job on the offense. Just everybody making space for each other and just going out there and making plays. We just (weren’t) able to make enough plays.”

    Rams DT Aaron Donald – Rams-Redskins Postgame Availability – September 17, 2017

    (On how much time it will take him to be in game shape)
    “I’ll be good next week. Just to be out there with live movements, just to get the speed of the game and seeing little things to help me play a little faster. So like I said, breaking down the film and coming back next week a lot better.”

    (On a quick turnaround with a Thursday game this week)
    “I’ll be good. I’m going to be ready, a lot more ready than I was this week.”

    (On how the 3-4 defense was for him)
    “It’s the same as a 4-3, honestly. Had a lot of one-on-ones – I need to win those. That’s what they put me out there for so like I said, just need to knock out the cobwebs and get out there and play a lot better to help my team try and pull out close games like this.”

    (On what he didn’t like about how he played)
    “I didn’t win my one-on-ones. When I have one-on-ones, I usually win those. I was doing too much thinking. I keep trying to say, that’s on me so I just have to play better.”

    Rams LB Alec Ogletree – Rams-Redskins Postgame Availability – September 17, 2017

    (On why they weren’t able to stop the run)
    “They executed really well in what they were doing and kind of caught us in some bad calls sometimes and also we just weren’t playing physical enough to stop the run. You don’t do that, those are the kind of yards they’re going to put up on you. Like I said, it’s a short week and we’ll be ready for next week.”

    (On how frustrating that passing touchdown was)
    “I mean, it’s frustrating to lose period. We were definitely frustrated with giving up that amount of yards in the run game. When you don’t stop the run, you leave yourself open to a lot of stuff. They executed real well. Credit to them for coming in with a good game plan and doing the right thing. But, we definitely have a lot of work to do and we have a short week so quick turnaround for us. We’ll be ready.”

    (On how they need to protect home turf)
    “Yeah, definitely. Like you said, when you play at home, that’s your home field and you definitely want to protect your house and we didn’t do that today. Like I said, we have a short week and we’ll be ready next week.”

    (On the difference with Aaron Donald being back)
    “He came in and did what he needs to do to help us try and get a victory. But, like I said, we just didn’t get the job done today.”

    Rams OLB Robert Quinn – Rams-Redskins Postgame Availability- September 17, 2017

    (On how they will go about fixing the run defense)
    “Well, we really have got to break down the film, see what really hurt us. I thought they had a couple explosive runs. They made their plays when they had to. We just really need to go and break down the film and see what we did wrong. They just had a good game plan against us.”

    (On how they held their pass game in check until the end)
    “Like you said, I don’t know what their game plan was. It seemed early they wanted to run the ball. Like you said, when we thought we had things going, they kind of picked us apart at the end with that pass. Like I said, we kept fighting until the very end but in a situation like that, we as a team need to figure out why we need to make our play to give ourselves a better chance. So, like I said, learn and build on it and keep things moving.”

    (On if he could feel the difference with Aaron Donald back)
    “Like you said, it’s great to always have him. I think it made them a little nervous because they know the talent he has. But at the end of the day, with him here, we as a team didn’t do what we came to do and that’s win a football game. Like I said, we have got some work to do. But it was Week 2 and we have to keep moving.”

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    Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden—Rams vs. Redskins Postgame—September 17, 2017

    (Opening Remarks)
    “I got an injury report. (RB) Rob Kelley, rib contusion, possible fracture – we’ll get an x-ray tomorrow. (S) Montae Nicholson – AC joint sprain, Josh Norman – AC joint sprain – he came back in. (LB) Mason Foster – shoulder dislocation, he finished the game, tough guy. (T) Morgan Moses – same ankle, came back in the game. (TE) Jordan Reed – sternum, SC joint sprain. And (S) (Deshazor) Everett had an eye contusion.”

    (On what was going through his head as the game progressed after some missed chances to score)
    “Yeah, you know it wasn’t going be perfect. It’s a heck of a defense over there. (Rams Defensive Coordinator) Coach (Wade) Phillips does a nice job. We’d like to be able to stomp on the gas and be able to put them away but great defense won a lot. I think we stayed with the plan – stuck with the running game and did a nice job despite some key injuries. (TE) Jordan (Reed) missing time with the injury, and obviously (WR) (Jamison) Crowder missing time with his cramps, and guys came back and competed – made a great throw at the end, connected with (WR) Ryan Grant.”

    (On what made him feel like his team has to be physical today in order to win)
    “Success. We pounded – we hit four, five yards a carry and pop some runs. I mean – they’ll keep running. It was a great job by Rob Kelley because the offensive line, tight ends – I can’t say enough about them taking out the receiver down-field blocking. Gave some holds. Rob Kelley finished, (RB) Chris Thompson had a couple big hits. Obviously (RB) Samaje (Perine) had his first taste as a Redskin. A lot of success running the ball means a lot of opportunities.”

    (On what made him feel like the game would have a good ending for them)
    “We’ve played the Rams before, it was a different front, but we felt like we could run the ball. They’re a very active front, so we thought we had bigger people, we could move them around a little bit. Easier said than done but our guys did it. They were challenged. (Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line) Coach (Bill) Callahan challenged them. I think we challenged them I think everybody’s been challenging our offensive line and tight ends and they rose to it.”

    (On LB Mason Foster coming back from an injury to make the play that iced them winning the game)
    “Yeah, excellent. Mason is a quality guy. He always has been. Very tough individual. He’s played multi-linebacker, both linebacker positions – been very successful. He’s a great leader for us. Does anything he wants – special teams – and it’s great when you have a high-character guy like that, have some production so people can start to realize what a great player he is, not just a great guy. We had a lot of guys come in and step up despite being hurt. Reed came back in the game, obviously (Morgan) Moses came back in the game – so we had some tough guys come back in.”

    (On how playing a power run style of football impacts the team)
    “It’s important. It keeps your defense fresh, you’re possessing the ball and the linemen love it. They have more fun doing that than pass protecting all day against (DT) Aaron Donald and (OLB) Robert Quinn and those guys. We had a lot of success and the backs like it and the receivers will eventually get to like it because it will open up a lot of play action and shot plays for us. Really, the times we got stopped - a fumbled snap, I think we dropped a pitch or something like that which put us in some second and long situations. Otherwise we were pretty successful running it.”

    (On having over ten minutes more time of possession than the Rams)
    “Obviously setting goals as far as offense is concerned, time of possession is one of them. I think we were pretty good on third downs, keeping drives alive. You keep your defense fresh, we’ll have a lot better chance than when our defense is on the field all day or not converting third downs.”

    (On what he liked from RB Samaje Perine and what he needs to work on)
    “Well he protected the ball number one. We’ll take a look at his hits, his run courses, cuts and just make sure he’s on the right track. Outside zone, inside zone, powers, duos all that stuff so we’ll just keep coaching him up. I like the way he ran. He’s a tough, physical guy like we thought.”

    (On how much coaching is going on during the game for a young guy like Samaje)
    “There’s coaching going on all the time for everybody. (QB) Kirk (Cousins), everybody’s getting coaching, defensive players and (RB) Samaje’s (Perine) no different. We try to preview the next set of runs we might get to as far as tracks. So he’s always getting coached. He’s such a great guy, he’s opened up. He smiles, listens, goes out and pounds the ball between the tackles. I love it.”

    (On if he was in a rhythm calling runs on the first drive or if he was trying to make a statement)
    “Like I said, we were having success. Coach Callahan has worked very hard on his run-game plan, we all did. We tried it and that’s what we thought we had most success at is running the football. From counters or powers, we have a lot of different schemes going at them – gaps, traps, wraps all that stuff – pitches, guys pulling. We have an athletic line, a powerful line and it was great to show their versatility today.”

    (On QB Kirk Cousins performance)
    “Anytime you got the ball in your hand every time and I’m the coach, I’m always going to be a little upset that he left some things out there. But I think he did a good job. Huge throw at the end of the game. Throwing to Ryan Grant, Ryan Grant making that big catch at the end of the game. Kirk managed the game, managed the clock. Got us in the right runs and pretty good job overall.”

    Redskins QB Kirk Cousins – Rams-Redskins Postgame Availability – September 17, 2017

    (On game winning touchdown pass to WR Ryan Grant)
    “Good play call by (Head Coach) Jay (Gruden), the coverage took me to (WR) Ryan (Grant) based on the pre-snap and post-snap alignments. Ryan did a great job creating separation, slipping through there, kept two feet in bounds and made a great play. That one felt really good.”

    (On touchdown passes to Grant)
    “We’ve got to continue to get Ryan involved. He continues to show up on our practice film being wide open, running really good routes. I’ll work a go ball on the left and I can pick either side and Ryan is running by his defender on the other side. It was great to get him a touchdown today. We’ve got to continue to get him involved and get him opportunities, because he’ll prove his strength.”

    (On what he thought of his day overall)
    “In this league, it’s always going to be up and down and when you run the ball as well as we do, it creates a different type of game. So, glad we won. Found a way to be resilient, make plays and showed a lot of character. A lot of good things today.”

    (On the offense finding their identity)
    “We said it all a long, I think we’re a work in progress on offense. Got to find our identity and what we do well and what we want to feature. Each game we’re learning and growing. Always good to make plays in the passing game, but make no mistake, it’s also nice to hand it off to (RB) Chris Thompson and watch him just go 50, 60 yards for a touchdown, so I have no complaints about either.”

    (On how the heavy load of running plays in the first half helped the offense)
    “The one drive we scored on, I believe we didn’t even throw a pass, if I remember right. I don’t know how many times that happens during a season – to have an entire drive running the ball. That was unique. You got to credit the offensive linemen with the way they blocked, the tight ends the way they block on the edge and the receivers down the field have down a really good job of blocking. Just really proud of our offensive line and the way they battled today and kept playing in pass protection, the run game going against a lot of really talented players, that front seven for the Rams.

    (Reaction to RB Chris Thompson taking responsibility for dropped ball that cost the team a touchdown)
    “I think we all look at ourselves, point the finger at ourselves and see plays that we could of done better. Chris is a great teammate and one of the reasons I love our locker room is because we don’t have a lot of guys who are blaming other people, they take ownership and Chris is certainly at the top of that list. I missed Chris on a third down – I thought I was across at the line of scrimmage, so I was unable to kind of throw it smoothly. If I had just kind of settled in and thrown it, probably could of hit that one to Chris. There were plays I left out there too that I’d like to have back.

    (On keeping opposing defenses on the field longer)
    “Yeah I’m sure there’s many statistics you can look at that were helpful. I think the time of possession is a direct correlation with how well we ran the ball at times today, because you can turn the clock and the field. It’s always a helpful statistic, but ultimately it’s points that matter. You got to turn that time into points.”

    (On having a 10 minute advantage in time of possession)
    “It all depends, you got to make plays and ultimately it’s got to lead to points one way or another. I would like to think that we were able to stay on the field and give our defense a blow, try to wear down the Rams. You still have to execute, finish drives and turn a couple field goals and touchdowns.”

    (On if he can tell when Gruden gets into a rhythm as a play-caller, and if it he’s on the same page where he can predict where Gruden is going to go)
    “Yeah, every drive is different because if we’re running the ball so, well he’s (Gruden) in a great rhythm because we’re staying ahead of the chains. Why would you abandon the run game it’s going so well? Just keep doing it until they can prove they can stop it. There’s other series where, you know, we’re having a hard time. We’re not executing, we’re not handling the ball well, and we’re giving them long down-and-distances and it’s tough. There aren’t many plays for third-and-20 or second-and-25. We can put them in a tough spot, as a play caller. So, we’ve got to execute plays and stay ahead of the chains to give him a chance to call what he wants to call.”

    (On keeping the Rams gameday magazine with McVay on the cover and if this is a normal tradition for him or if this one has special meaning)
    “I can’t say enough about (Head Coach) Sean (McVay). But, you don’t have to look too far into that one. I just have a couple family friends here, young kids. I always like to take out a program if there’s any family friends here, I give them to young kids. When I was a kid coming to games, I would have loved to have that, so I thought I would give that to them. Great to see Sean before kickoff, Matt LeFleur was my quarterback coach here. Two really good people, two of the best people I’ve ever met in my time in the NFL. Just think the world of them, and wish them all the best the rest of the year. We’ll be pulling for them as they play.”

    (On what the conditions of the field was like following USC’s game last night)
    “The only thing I noticed was it felt fast. When we went out to warm ups, the grass, I felt like was cut really low. Maybe it’s always like that, but just from what we’re used to on our practice field and our game field, I felt like it was a low surface. It felt fast and I didn’t notice anything during the game.”

    (On the passing game taking longer than he thought to develop)
    “I don’t know that we have a lot of expectations. I think we’re optimistic that right away we were going to be able to operate out of the gate. But, when you’re going against your own defense day after day after day, it doesn’t necessarily give you a great picture of what the real thing is going to look like against different teams every single week. We’re going to figure out an identity as we go, and see what we do well. We’ve got to figure it out, the sooner the better.”

    (On Redskins RB Samaje Perin’s 21 carries and how he handled the workload)
    “I think the trend with running backs when they come into the league as young players, is they know how to run the ball and it doesn’t take a lot of playbook knowledge to know to take the step and hit in the right gap and have the right vision. I think the challenge sometimes is in the pass game, pass protection, knowing where your eyes need to be. A guy like Chris Thompson, I think, he took major steps in like his third year, so it takes time. But, I thought (RB) Samaje (Perine) ran the ball really well today. He’s got some power to him, some explosiveness. Just like (RB) Rob Kelly last year, when you can give a rookie opportunities, it builds their confidence, they start to play like more of a veteran as the year goes on.”

    (On if he was able to put his wife’s pregnancy out of his mind during the game)
    “Yeah, I was able to. I had enough to worry about here in the moment, I think, and I tried to stay present and I knew that there was nothing I could do. So, it didn’t help me at all to be thinking about that while I’m playing. But Julia (Cousins), affirmed all weekend that nothing had changed and there really wasn’t any updates. So, it seemed like it was going to take past today and maybe even past the due date tomorrow.”

    Redskins G Brandon Scherff – Rams-Redskins Post Game Availability – September 17, 2017

    (On how much he can sense the fatigue late in the game and what happened as a result)
    “On those long drives, on play five or six when we’re running the ball five or six times in a row, you can kind of tell just the energy’s dying down a little bit. That’s when we want to put our foot on the gas, and then (Redskins QB) Kirk (Cousins) did a heck of a job today, too.”

    (On if there is ever a time that the offensive line wants to pass the ball)
    “I mean no, but sometimes they want to mix those up – the play-action passes and the deep passes. Like I said, I thought the receivers did a heck of a job. Kirk and all the running backs ran hard today.”

    (On what he learned about the team today)
    “I thought we played well in all three phases and we didn’t give up. It was going back and forth, back and forth for the last couple periods. They didn’t give up, and we were pretty pumped that (LB) Mason (Foster) came up with that interception at the end of the game.”

    Redskins RB Chris Thompson – Rams-Redskins Post Game Availability – September 17, 2017

    (On looking good on his 61-yard touchdown in the second quarter)
    “They made me look good. On that draw play, it was a look that we never really went over and they just got the job done and I was just able to do my thing and run. So, let’s all give credit to the O-line and guys that were blocking for me.”

    (On the team’s commitment to the running game)
    “Yeah, (Redskins Head) Coach (Jay) Gruden was letting us know, ‘I’m going to run the ball. I’m going to give you guys the ball.’ His plan was to keep running it until we got it right. (Redskins RB) Rob (Kelley) made a whole lot of plays out there. Unfortunately, he got hurt and me and (Redskins RB Samaje) Perine had to step in and keep it going. We did enough to win. I think we got 230 almost on the ground. That was good and now I think that as a group, we’ve just got to continue to keep it up.”

    (On if he thinks that he is the most added fantasy football player right now)
    “I believe so. Even last week, I had people all on Twitter and everything telling me they’ve been adding me to their fantasy team. So, I’m pretty sure that may definitely happen some more this week.”

    Redskins CB Josh Norman – Rams-Redskins Postgame Availability – September 17, 2017

    (On the feeling of finishing the game with Redskins MLB Mason Foster’s interception)
    “He (Redskins MLB Mason Foster) finished it and it was a great feeling, I think, just to get off that field because, gosh, you’ve got to tip your hats off to the other guys. They came out here and they fought valiantly. We come out here and get a win and go back on this plane ride because it was going to be a long one if we got out of here with a loss. So glad we got the win.”

    (On how they stayed cohesive considering all of the substitutions due to injuries)
    “Next man up mentality. Guys come in there the same way they play in practice. You never know when you’re needed and your number’s called. You’ve just got to come in and perform when it is.”

    (On if he sees the Rams offense improving and being more creative compared to last year)
    “Absolutely. You can see that. They have creativity. That whole offense and what they had to do. (QB Jared) Goff was back there, he extended plays. He made something happened when he did extend those plays. You can see that and, hey man, you never know the sky’s the limit for them, especially when you’ve got a coach like Sean McVay.”

    Redskins LB Mason Foster – Rams-Redskins Postgame Availability – September 17, 2017

    (On the feeling he had when it was apparent that they pulled off the win)
    “It was just a tough game. This is not my home, but all my family is here: my little brother, my cousin, so it was a great feeling to get a big win out here in front of some of my closest friends. Just for the team, we had fought hard and it feels good to seal it like that on defense. It’s exciting, and we’ve just got to keep building and keep getting better.”

    (On the final five minutes of the game and sealing the win with the interception)
    “It’s something we had harped on all week. Just keep playing through everything and play together. Don’t get down. Things are going to happen. They’re a good team. Everybody is good in the NFL, but just keep playing together and we’ll find a way to get it done, and I feel like that’s exactly what we did today.”

    (On winning on the road)
    “It definitely feels great. I felt like I had to redeem myself for some of the plays last week that I felt like I should’ve been better on. Everybody messes up. Everybody makes mistakes, but if you play together as a team and keep grinding, then I mean you’ll find a way to get a win and I think that’s what we did today.”

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