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    Interesting to learn Aaron Rodgers has so many ummmm,...detractors perhaps.

    First last week I read Bears fans suggest the guy is gay, which is fine if he is and now a fellow in Wisconsin who's client owns several businesses called Aaron Rodgers a d*ck. hmmmm

    Seems the owner is involved in charity stuff with the Packers, if this is all true mind ya. Lots of Packers and NFL players are involved in such activities(tax breakshaha), and said Rodgers always acted like this was wasting his time, never smiled and was short to his employees,...arrogant.

    Through the years I've heard of such thangs 'bout NFL QBs. Like a lady came up to Joe Montana in an airport wanting an autograph and he just walked away. Or Falcons QB Chris Miller shooting a bird at Falcons fans after he entered the tunnel after a game. The great Warren Moon was accused of "not liking people." Michael Vick's obvious disdain for dealing with the public. John Elway was and is a cocky bastid to this day. Jay Cutler has been accused of being an arrogant d*ck too,...and so what man?

    I can't blame them. Fame may be, although some crave it, enjoy it, but it can be a curse to others. I promise, living in a small town where everyone knows you is different than living in a large metro area,...I know from experience. And I will say anonymousity(to coin a wordhaha) has it's benefits as far as being able to relax knowing no one's gonna come up to you and hahahaha waste yo time. But still, an NFL star should treat people better I admit but still,...I believe arrogance is a trait of many, many professional sports figures(Lebron). And I think the behavior may be beneficial to their careers and the teams' overall success.

    Gosh, remember Joe Namath? How 'bout Cam Newton today? Even Russell Wilson has been accused of being snobbish to his own team mates, so there. The reason I give these guys a pass, other than that peacock Cam Cam, is that it's incredible luck, incredible amount of work it takes just to get to this level of football. And then to excel heck man I respect that, so fine be an arrogant d*ck. Just win and entertain me and I can overlook it.

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    My favorite QB right now is Stafford, also the highest paid. Fins can't afford him and Landry Stills Nash and Young. It would be interesting to do a side to side comparison of Staff with your QB... so far this season he's way above 100 in the rating and their opponents QB rating is a combined 67. This is going to be the best game yet I think

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    Take it from a Packer fan, he is arrogant. He's not even on speaking terms with his own family. Favre was arrogant too. Had his own locker room and thought he was the team. I think to a large extent its part of the human condition. Successful QB's are already confident people. The difference of confidence and arrogance is very thin and mainly has to do with how you treat the people around you. Rodgers seems to be very unforgiving of every slight. Sometimes you have to accept an apology. Sometimes you have to let things go.
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    I remember the Jets couldn't handle Brett and his entourage. He should've been able to help them, if only less arrogant. Cutler on the other hand, not arrogant at all. Fins Up!

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