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Thread: 18 Years / 18 QB's

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    18 Years / 18 QB's

    Yep from 2017 back to 1999 is eighteen years since Marino played. A Sporting News QB ranking leaves Jay Cutler behind another Jay,

    J/F thereafter played for the JETS

    Fiedler they say, is better than any of the rest so far, with a 36-23 record and a postseason berth. It's not forgotten that J/F was the last QB either Marino or Coach J/J ever faced in a humiliating loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in their 1999 Divisional playoff game. I don't agree that he's the best, as his middling sub-77 rating during his Fins tenure attests. His TD/INT ratio was about even. Next with a 12-8 overall record comes Chad Pennington, who's perhaps the stylistic antithesis of Marino.

    The 2008 Dolphins went 11-5 and reached the playoffs as Pennington completed 67.4% of his passes with just 7 INT's.

    Penny had a nice 94.5 rating and during his 3 years with the Fins they went to the playoffs once. His TD/INT at 20/9 speaks for itself.

    Based on 37-40 overall record, they say R/T is their next greatest post-Marino QB. Who am I to disagree, but I don't think so. They put his name just ahead of Matt Moore, who enters his seventh straight season entrenched in a backup role as a latter day version of Don Strock. If that's the case then I think Ryan is best compared to David Woodley! Everybody knows Strock was the better QB.

    At 9-6 overall, they say next comes Gus Frerotte, i.e. Saban's game manager. After winning all of his final six starts of 2005, the Fins promptly dumped him for Dante Culpepper. The next-placed QB ranked at #6 is the considered Sage Rosenfels who has a 0-2 record as a Fins starter. Perhaps he's so well regarded here because he followed the likes of A-Jay Feeley?

    Then next they put down Damon Huard. He was Marino's favored successor until being replaced by Fiddler. He rather opted to play backup for the Patriots where he collected two SB rings, nice move.

    If anybody is still reading... Chad Henne never mastered the check down pass but still ranks in the upper echelon of post Marino QB's. He was a good backup QB at Michigan; he went 5-17 as a starter here. This is certain to be an insult to hometown boy Brian Griese, who had a winning record in 5 games as a starter in following Jay Fiedler's injury in 2003 but somehow ranks behind Henne in their analysis. Then comes Harrington, Lemon, Lucas and Green. Rounding out the bottom are John Beck, a respectable draft pick who didn't cut the mustard; A.J. Feely; Tyler Thigpen; and Dante Culpepper.

    Finally at the bottom is Jay Cutler, an unproved entity at this point. As far as my ranking goes, I suspect Cutler will be way better than Fiedler.
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