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Thread: Rush the quarterback,...screw the zone

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    Rush the quarterback,...screw the zone

    Okay, me negative, say I'm always worrying which I do lots hahaha, but this defense Dan Quinn has built is fantastic! To make a long post short maybe, why in the H*** does he not use these excellent athletes to destroy an opposing offense?

    It took me through 2015 to realize Q's defense. It's so basic even an idiot can unnerstand it. Last season Q stuck with it even thru injuries. Stubborn ass.

    As Packfan and I were discussing, there's a change in defenses a goin' on all 'round the league to this scheme. It's interesting but it's gonna drive me crazy. Ya got the speed, toughness so let 'em get after the QB! I know, I know, in this scheme it's expected the front 4 will provide the pass rush but primarily to stop the run,...fine. No way man,...not in my book. The Falcons blitzed 3 times against the Bears vaunted offense. All 3 resulted in a sack. The fourth sack was Vic Beasley adding to his sack numbers.

    Maybe it's a case of still tasting that SB loss, but it'll never go away and if any team this year,...ANY team rallies and beats the Falcons it'll be a very bad taste. Geesh, the Bears came close to winning the game last Sunday. Can ya imagine the lust and smiling dog faces from the media if that happened? It's gonna happen this season, no doubt. And to keep playing the same damped D-philosophy thang when this happened all through 2016 is dumbfounding. All through 2016 the Falcons would go up score big time and then kick it back and play deep zone to apparently run the clock out in the 2nd half. And allowed lots of junk points/passing yards for the opposing offense. Then look what happened in the Super Bowl fool.

    Man, Q knows more than I do. But this is the thing,...I have not seen talent on a Falcons defense like this since 1977 when I was a kid. The defense is totally stocked in all areas. Why not unleash them? Cut the rope Q dayam. The Packers have gone to this new defensive scheme with a twist but basically the same. It'll be fascinating to see how McCarthy uses this new Packers D. hahaha McCarty might school Quinn,...we'll see.

    And this is a great test to see if this Falcons team can *try* to win a Super Bowl. hahaha I promise ya'll the Packers are very good team.

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    P has the better of Q here. Consider the Fins D last season, man they were disruptive -- plays changed the course of games. Statistically the Fins D was middling though, and so goes the twilight of the Zone D. It's just too predictable, and that's your enemy.

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