-Should be easy for the Packers and Falcons,...ya know, to prepare a game plan. These teams faced each other twice last season. And there's not much change in the teams' rosters.

Everything 'bout this game is so evident there's not much to say about it. So I guess we'll have to wait til Sunday night and see. Thursday Night football has the Texans at Cincinatti,...yech. But Sunday we'll have The Red Zone to watch what's a happnin' round the league. That's always fun.

The reason it'll be easy for each team to develop a game plan is cause both head coaches always stick to their philosophy. It's a case of we're gonna do what we do and we'll win with that application type thang. Rarely will either coach change up, like Quinn blitzing like hail or McCarthy trying to emphasize the run and take pass attempts away from Rodgers. Both teams are gonna come out and do what they do.

-Then there's Donnie McNabb who said,...in relation to the playoff game against the Packers last Winter. "Now without a couple of fumbles and dropped balls, they might have beat Atlanta in the NFC championship." hahahaha what an idiot. The Falcons dominated the Packers, a fact.

-And then there's this hahahahaha *new* defense the Packers are goin' to.hahaha this is funny coming out the media's moufs,...

Damn I can't remember,...neion, cobalt, I dunno it made me laugh and when I laugh I forget easily. But it's the NEW Packers defense! Just to let ya'll know it features a cover 3 secondary with an active safety around the LOS. It has a fast, lighter in weight linebacker(s) and expects the front 4 to do all the pass rushing and run stopping. Well dayam,...that's the Falcons defense to a TEE! Freaking amazing the media attempting to suggest this Packers defense is something new. The Broncos, Raiders, Patriots, etc. ALLL use this defense have for YEARS. Okay,...it's the first time the Packers will go to this scheme so,...DOES THAT MAKE IT NEW?hahahaha IDIOTS

What's bad is this fake news will be taken as fact by many people, oh well.

It'll be fascinating to observe Sunday night's game plans. This game definitely has a playoff atmosphere already. Ya can tell when the idiots in the media become involved. And funny,...most of *them* aren't necessarily people whom like the Atlanta Falcons,...interesting.