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Thread: AP and Sean Payton

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    AP and Sean Payton

    If anyone watched the Monday night game between Minnesota and New Orleans, they probably saw AP jawing at Sean Payton. Today, AP and Payton both blew it off and stated nothing happened. Here was what Payton said: "Listen, I'll tell you if we were in a heated exchange," Payton said. "... None that I can recall, and I am being honest."

    Payton is full of crap. "Listen" is often used when someone knows they are about to lie, it's a word designed to draw attention to what they say to make it look like they are going to tell the truth.

    "I'll tell you if we were in a heated exchange." Again, total BS. If he were telling the truth, he'd say: "We were not in a heated exchange." or "AP came to me and suggested we run the ball up the middle." People's natural, subconscious inclination is to tell the truth, that's why he phrased it as such. Remove one word and you have the truth: "I'll tell you we were in a heated exchange." The conscious mind alerted him to insert the word "if" to deceive.

    "... None that I can recall." That he CAN recall? Why can't he recall it? Because he's mentally blocking it out. It was a bad start to the year and it looked bad on TV, so he's blocking it to make it seem like it didn't happen. He's trying to convince himself it didn't happen.

    "and I am being honest." This is similar to using "listen", it's a statement to try to convince the listener he's telling the truth. If you are telling the truth, you don't need to say "I am being honest" because you already are.

    And here was AP's statement on twitter: "Let's be clear...I said we need to run the ball up their Donkey. Nothing more. I'm passionate but respect my coach at the same time"

    "Let's be clear..." Same as "Listen". He's about to lie and wants you to believe it.

    "I said we need to run the ball up their Donkey." There's some truth to almost every lie. Here's some truth, but not all the truth. I'd bet it was more like "Hey dumbass, you need to put me in and let me run the ball right down their ass. I'm the best player you've got."

    "Nothing more." Again, if he was telling the truth, he wouldn't need this. He's trying too hard to convince people.

    "I'm passionate but respect my coach at the same time." Here's a statement acknowledging he was out of line. He admits to being "passionate" which is a much softer, kinder word than he was cussing out his head coach. If he's telling the truth, he wouldn't need to explain this, the truth would be enough. But AP is full of crap about what really happened so he goes overboard trying to minimize what happened.

    Sorry for the long breakdown, but I find picking out lies particularly fun (thus my job as a Detective where I get paid to do it). Also, I like reveling in the dysfunction of one of our arch-enemies.

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    I think AP said to Payton, "If you don't give me the ball more, I am going to pull the plane over on the way home and take a switch to your ass. Don't think I won't do it!"
    Nolledge is Pouer.

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