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Thread: Speed Kills--so where were Byrd and Samuel?

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    Speed Kills--so where were Byrd and Samuel?

    While I agree that there were moments our WRs were open and Cam decided to see if he could hit the Dr. Pepper vendor is section 233, I am not sure that Shula used Byrd and/or Samuel well. I am not one who rides Shula, but you have an all-pro TE, a stud QB and backfield, a solid OL, and some good WRs. I can't think of much more you need to have an elite offense. It is certainly better than the 2015 bunch. Where was the speed? Samuel coming off an injury--we get it--but nothing? No Byrd deep?
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    I think Shula was a little concerned to try Cam's shoulder on many deep passes, especially after the INT. Did Cam under-throw because his timing is off or because his arm is weak? Let's hope it was the former.

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    I think as Dan put it, Cam's shoulder is still a concern. Even in the warmups and in the game, his throws lacked velocity, and even the couple of deep balls he threw to Sheppard (The TD), and Benjamin (Int) were a bit under thrown. Also he was off on timing and accuracy a bit.

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    Timing and accuracy will improve with more reps, and did improve in the 2nd half.
    The return to shoulder strength will be improved by limited reps but delayed by excessive reps.
    I think that's why Newton only threw 6 times in the second half.
    If we were just salting the game away by running the ball, I get that, but if your QB is as rusty as he was in the first half, you want him to make as many throws as he can to find a rhythm and shake off the rust.
    You can't find a rhythm with 6 passes spread across multiple drives.
    I think his shoulder is still not right and Rivera / Shula were protecting it.
    I really, really wish we had a better backup than Anderson.
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    Samuel also just isn't fully there either. He hasn't had many game reps and wasn't the most polished WR. There should be some fun stuff they can do, but he probably doesn't play 40% of snaps this year.

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