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Thread: Analyzing the Kicker Situation with my Brain...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prashanth View Post
    Now watch Gano promptly start hooking field goal attempts :-(
    When you draft a kicker you keep him and let go the incumbent. Otherwise it is a wasted draft pick that could have been used for some depth somewhere.

    Frankly, this season has started off on the wrong foot on many counts. Not fun to watch.
    Yup, my thoughts exactly. Would have saved several million dollars as well. Ahh well, what can we do.

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    that Jake Elliott hit a 61 this week, he and Zane Gonzalez were guys I liked. Butker's now a Chief. Gano's a free agent next year. I guess it's a set of pains from making a GM switch not long after a draft, but would we have been in great shape taking Gonzalez in 6? Yes. Are we now? No. Both GMs have made this very weird.

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