The Packers win over the Seahawks is interesting. At halftime the score was 3-0 then the Packers scored two TDs in the 3rd qtr. If the Packers have anything else than a talented defense they've got a serious offense. Against the vaunted Hawks D the Pack had 26 first downs! Although sacked 4 times Rodgers completed 28 passes for 311 yds. The Pack rushed for 84 yds and went 9-16 on 3rd downs. Time of possession?,...39:13 to the Hawks' 20:47. That's impressive unless,...unless the Hawks D is in decline, which I think it is.

The Pack's D had 3 sacks but Russell Wilson burned them with a near 30 yds and 10 yds scramble. Not seeing the game I get the impression the Packers were harassing Russell. Russell was just 14-27 for,...158 yds? A 69.7 QB rating? The longest pass completion for Russell was 34 yds. Packers injuries,...

Ahmad Brooks
Brooks left the last game to be evaluated for a concussion and it is unknown if he will play Week 2 against the Falcons.

Bryan Bulaga
Bulaga sat out the last game due to a sprained his ankle and it is undetermined if he will be available for Week 2 against the Falcons.

Jason Spriggs
Spriggs exited the previous game with an injured hamstring and it is undetermined if he will play against the Falcons during Week 2.

The Falcons have 4 guys hurt but they're all backups.

It's gonna be a Sunday night affair in prime time for alllll to gaze upon. It's also the first regular season game played in the new venue. And I promise Packers/Falcons coaches are beginning to game plan watching film of games in week #1. Ya know, how the Bears handled the explosive Falcons offense and how the Packers dealt with the Seahawks.

As the Klingon General Kaan said,..."it'll be a glorious battle."