It's difficult for me to assess a game correctly until I see it again. Must be the emotions or probably it's the beer. But after re-watching the game wow,...John Fox has built a formidable defense.

The Bears D held the Falcons to under 50 yds rushing, but still Matty had over 300 yds passing. Some of his passes are just soooooo perfect it's nice to watch. The Bears D-line pushed the Falcons O-line 'round like rag dolls aaallllll game long. Matty has played behind so many awful O-lines, he's learned to get the ball out quick thus only two Bears' sacks.

Okay,...this is hard to say. Dan Quinn's defensive philosophy is gonna drive me crazy. This constant zone cover with man cover on the opposing team's #1 WR just allows too many drives to perpetuate. And the Bears rushed for over 120 yds to boot? Man, I get his theme but geesh man. The Falcons defense has one of the more talented rosters in the league and maybe Q is relying on that alone. Q emphasizes the need for the front 4 to apply all the pressure on the QB AND stop the run? Man, that's asking a whole lot there in the NFL. I counted 3,...three times in the whole game Q brought pressure with a blitz. A cornerback blitz from the D-back over the slot receiver and two linebacker blitzes and all 3 of them resulted in a sack. The Bears QB, Glennon, passed for under 300 yds, sacked 4 times in total so stat-wise it appears to be a good defensive effort. Also allowing only 17 Bears points scored, so. Well, Q has been stubborn as it's his way or the highway. There's only two Falcons defenders remaining from the 2014 unit when Mike Smith was coach.

Kicker Matt Bryan is *MONEY* baby. The former Buccaneer has been awesome since coming to Atlanta. Punter Matt Boscher is prolly the best poocher in the league.

And lastly,...for some reason I can't stand Jeff Triplette. He comes off like an arrogant cop to me. It appears he enjoys speaking on the mike and calling the penalty.

That was a fun game in that both teams weren't doin' so much trash talk. Oh yeah, there's always talk but no personal fouls. Kudos to John Fox. Good luck the rest of the way you Bears. Oh one last thang,...stop wearing those ugly ass uniforms, all dark blue. That ain't the Bears' look imo.