Goff learning to simplify approach and trust Rams teammates

Alden Gonzalez

LOS ANGELES -- Jared Goff finally realized he doesn't have to do it all.

Sean McVay, the Los Angeles Rams' new head coach, spent the entire year talking about the need for his quarterback to make sound decisions, distribute the football and do little else. But Goff has never been anything but the best player on his team, all the way up to the time he became the NFL's No. 1 overall pick. He always carried the load, always put it on himself. But as the year went on, he started to understand McVay's message. He started to simplify.

"My whole career, a lot of the times it's been if we don't score however many, it's not going to work," Goff said Sunday, after leading his team to a thrilling, uplifting, 46-9 opening win against the Indianapolis Colts. "I think that's something I've learned in the NFL -- you don't need to do everything yourself. Those guys get paid, too, and there's a reason those guys are on your team, and there's a reason that they are who they are and are drafted and all that."

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