Oh you Falcons fans,...finding all the negatives and not the main thang. Look, I don't care if it was ugly, don't care if some of you FF and Madden types didn't have a football orgasm and I wouldn't give a leaping **** at a rolling doughnut 'bout the game today other than the Falcons have a W. Come December this game will look pretty damned good I promise.

It reveals some measure of ignorance. The Bears, my goodness, their defense is just a whole lot better than I knew. The front 6 or 7 were all over the run game for one thang. Matty had no time to throw deep which of course makes me worry 'bout the O-line. But they shut down the run game and kept Julio from burning they butts. Leading Falcons receiver was TE Hooper,...HOOP! 120 yds.

Ahhh, the home cooking was a goin' on too, but after a win no need to address that. bullcrap, it was awful. The Bears O-line could tackle Falcons D-linemen and no flag,...Falcons blockers *breathe* on a defender and it's flagged. That's a thang since the last 9 years the Falcons have overcame, being penalized waaaaay more in a game but still win it.

Welp, it was W alllll that matters in September. Next Sunday Night in prime time the Packers visit Atlanta.

To win away is always a plus. We can expect the Falcons go 6-2 at home or at the worst, 5-3. If the Falcons can break even in away games it'll result in a 10 win season at least.

Man, I know it's hard to be a Falcons fan, lawd knows I do know. Relax,...enjoy the win, as a fan look for the positives and build on them. You Madden types will get yo orgasm eventually cause when this offense planes out it's gonna be fun to watch.