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Thread: Game Balls

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    Game Balls

    A rough one today.

    Wes Horton, Star Lotulelei for me today based on turnovers, recoveries, fourth downs.

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    I'd give one to the offensive line as a unit. No sacks, 166 rushing yards, and Cam usually had time to throw. The first touchdown came on a long-developing route of the kind that often got Cam killed last year.
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    I'll also give one to Stewart who I thought played well, including the receiving TD. He broke a lot of tackles today and dragged guys for yardage.

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    I was at the game today. Lots of Panther fans and blue. Gameballs to our D and O-Lines. Cam's shoulder is not 100%. Expected a bit more razzle-dazzle with CMC on his home turf, but I guess his fumble provided it to the home team. Good stop by our D though, holding them on 4th down.
    My first live Panther game. My son thoroughly enjoyed it, and got his cap autographed by Luke who came over to our section after stretching. My son also played catch with C. Johnson who was throwing a practice ball with the fans. Cam as usual high-fived folks hanging over the edge after the game.

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    Awesome. Prashanth.
    If you guys watch the game again, you have to admire Coleman. I am still nervous about Worley.

    Thompson played a good game at LB...Davis is such as stud..

    Let's hear it for our coordinators too. Excellent D, good O considering Cam looked like a drunk trying out the new dart board at the pub. I still do not see a polished screen game, but it was better.
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