The Bears will start a rookie safety but I found it interesting they placed the rookie QB Mitchell Trubinsky at the #2 position over Mark Sanchez.

It amazes me the Falcons break in an opposing team's rookie QB sooooo many times. The list is incredible. From Joe Montana to Troy Aikman to Peyton Manning. And hey, it could happen again tomorrow. Mike Glennon will start but,...say, what if the Falcons go uphahahaha 28-3? There'd be a good chance we'd see the rookie come in and why not if that scenario played out? He was GOOD GRIEF, the 2nd overall pick in last Spring's draft, imo he should be starting but the Bears paid a bunch for Glennon's services so, as always money is involved in decision making. But if Mike struggles we'll see Mitchell come in. Hey, could be the Bears go up 28-3 and then Mitchell comes in anyway, that would qualify as another rookie QB introduced to the NFL by the Falcons.

The thang that would happen that keeps Glennon in the game is if it's a close affair. When John Fox decides on a starting QB he rides it til it drops. But we know the Bears are a run-heavy offensive team and the Falcons will definitely run the ball a bunch so, of course, it makes for a quick game.

Oh did I forget to say the Falcons faced Glennon twice as a rookie in 2013? Yep,...he was a 2013 3rd round choice by Tampa and he started as a rookie. And btw,...Glennon is 6'7" tall, wow, I had forgotten 'bout that. He should be able to see downfield with no problem.

Maybe it's Spidey Sense, clairvoyance espn or something but I get a sense there's an urgent *need* the Bears win tomorrow. And of all coaches to face it's John Fox and he does things preparing for a known opponent which are,...ummmm unusual. I'd be prepared for anything, everything against this cagey coach.

I rarely predict anything anymore, guess cause it seems I'm always wrong but there's a good chance we'll the #2 overall pick play some tomorrow,...haha maybe bringing the Bears back from a 25 point deficit.