Yay! It appears the Falcons/Bears game is not up there with more marketable games Sunday. So that means no Troy Aikman YAY! No little man with the deep voice Buck Boy YAY! No fat man standing under the goalpost YAY! FOX's crew of Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis will announce the game YAAAY! Until last year's NFC Championship win in Atlanta, I don't think the Falcons ever won a game worked by Buck and Aikman. Like a damned curse.


Charles Davis is a superb color commentary analyst. He's not biased, like Aikman and apparently Chris Collinsworth after that suck up performance in Foxboro Thursday night, and Davis analyzes plays which reveals soooo much to the average football fan.

Here's another area in which Falcons fans are jaded,...the media.haha let's see,...NFL game officials, Vegas, announcers, the idiot writers in the Nawtheast, fans of other teams, the NFL it self aaalllll are biased against the Falcons. And when lots of people suggest such sentiments it cain't hardly be dismissed. But when those entities prove they're right, that's when ya go,...hmmm.

Welp that's good news,...won't have to mute the sound,...again.