This ain't 'bout gloating. The Patriots are in trouble. If you wagered a C-Note on the Chiefs, ya just won some profit,...9.5 faves and Patriots lost badly. Oh yeah,...Falcons fans are aaalllll enjoying the Patriots loss. And fine. But I ain't gonna be like them and gloat over stoopid stuff.

It amazes me that people thought the Chiefs are such a terrible team(or overestimated the talent of the Patriots),...hell I dunno. Andy Reid? C'mon man.

I do believe the Chiefs were penalized 14 times, imagine that. But know this, the Patriots had a "Super Bowl hangover." May be a wake up call and sure, the Patriots will bounce back, but still they are in trouble with that performance. Still I think opponents of the Patriots look closely at SB51 and how the Falcons exposed some stuff. Alex had a career game.

But who cares 'bout the small market Patriots? ooops forgot, the Falcons go to Foxboro this season, oh well. Maybe the Falcons won't be penalized 14 times,hahaha nah it'll be 16.