Oh my,...these people reporting at espen are really losing any reason to take them serious. Where does this now irrelevant sports channel find these people? Well, here it is,...the worst NFL depth at outside linebacker is on the Falcons defense. In the whole league! Commentary follows,...

Scott Kacsmar
Special to ESPN.com

Outside linebacker: Atlanta Falcons
Starters: Vic Beasley Jr., De'Vondre Campbell
Key reserve: Duke Riley

Every defense would love to have at least two quality edge rushers. We see this best in the AFC West with Denver (Von Miller and Shane Ray), Kansas City (Justin Houston and Dee Ford/Tamba Hali), Los Angeles (Joey Bosa and Melvin Gordon) and Oakland (Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin). In Atlanta, Vic Beasley was a bit of a one-man show last season. His 15.5 sacks led the NFL, while no other Atlanta defender had more than 4.5 sacks. Dwight Freeney, who had 29 hurries, is not returning this year, so it could be the Beasley show again, with only rookies -- including third-round pick Duke Riley -- backing him up.

De'Vondre Campbell was a fourth-round pick who started last year, but he had only three hurries because he's more of an off-ball linebacker. First-round pick Takkarist McKinley could eventually create a duo of bookend rushers for Atlanta, but he is more of a traditional 4-3 defensive end than Beasley.

Mr. Kacsmar, what an unusual last name, but he doesn't unnerstand the West Coast Defense as I refer it to be. Maybe he's an old timer who thinks all defenses are a 4-3 with 4 DBs or something, I dunno. However I give Kacsmar credit for recognizing the Broncos, Raiders, Rams and Chiefs defenses aallllll apply the WCD. In that thought, since Dan Quinn left the Seahawks they've gone away from that approach. So lemme get to the point, oh my. haha My fellow Falcons fans are sooooo jaded when the media comes out with something. hmmmm, sounds like me too.haha


I enjoyed that thread. Falcons fans *know* their team ya'll. They analyze thangs down to like reducing gravy to cover a biscuit if that makes sense to anyone who's a cook. They must be like me,...knowing that if our team EVER wins a Lombardi it'll be sweet. Overly defensive?,...overly sensitive?,...yeah but the best selling t-shirt in the Northeast is 28-3. NOT the number of Super Bowls the NFL granted for they team for a loooooong time. But back to Kacsmar,...I wonder what nationality Kacsmar comes from,...just curious.

Ya know, it gets old having to correct people who are being paid actual money trying to do they job, geeesh man. And this post has already gotten too long and honestly I'm tired of trying to show these people what the Falcons are doing. But,...guess where this guy is located?hahaha Homestead, Pennsylvania. He's been the assistant editor at Football Outsiders since 2013. He's also *contributed* much stuff to the Bleacherreport which has blossomed recently and good for them. I remember when bleacherreport was a little biddy baby site.

But c'mon man,...why ya'll be kicking at a dead horse? The absolute worst depth at OLB? Might wanna cover the team you be such a homey over. These are the types who were like a smiling dog after SB 51.

On a lighter note haha reports are,...shhhh*can't reveal sources just gotta take my word for it* but Julio is looking like there's no DB(s) in the whole wide wurl that can cover him. He and Matty have hooked up and Julio is tearing it up in practice. Tonight the Patriots host the Chiefs,...