Well, here's all ya'll's rant for the day. Question and answer at Falcons.com.

Jeff from Statesboro, GA
You said earlier that the Falcons couldn't wear red helmets because they weren't broken in, aren't inserts interchangeable?

Matt: Yes, on Aug. 30, I pointed out that the NFL established a rule (recommended*by two of the league’s advisory panels) that required every player to wear just one helmet because there’s concern that changing helmets during the season may make some players more susceptible to head injuries.*New*helmets can be unsafe if they’re worn fresh out of the box, without a break-in period.BULLSHIT As far as removing the inserts on every helmet, I honestly don’t know if that’s a safe or recommended practice all for the sake of wearing a different-colored shell.
at least he said he didn't know, or does he?

You people know how to deceive so well. Damned liars. Welp, from a long time ago lemme edumacate you friggin idiots and abuse the LIARS that inhabint the NFL ADVISORY PANELS,...TWO PANELS in fact. That title alone makes me sick. ****ing advisory panels are evil ya'll I swear. Authority and power granted to a selected few? Geesh, I could be a member of that panel as long as they fed me and gave me some free beer. But they wouldn't like my notes, nor considerations. idiots

<sigh>Lawd help us all,...these idiots are gonna drive some people crazy, or more likely use they influence attempting to squell your voice and for youngsters?,...brainwash. THE BEST THING in the whole wide WURL is a new helmet, I don't care what any IDIOT on a STOOPID panel says. I suggest further a NEW HELMET,...is safer. damn idiots.

NFL advisory panels,...pffffffft geeshus freaking christ it's just a simple game that draws billiones of dollars,...ahhhh so like everything else it's 'bout the money,...oh yeah.haha these uniform rules are a joke when NFL players are performing in SHORTS above the knees. Some must wear pads on they legs, linemen, RBs but kickers and most WRs are playing in literal tights. No underwear other than a jockstrap,...hahaha remnds me when that player had his pants pulled down and showed his ugly ass. It's one thang to be free of anything like pads to keep ya from running at the highest level but geesh, what happens when a safety crashes down or a punter is abused? Oh nooooo,...it's a matter of not having new helmets? The obsession with concussions might be used to hide the many, many leg injuries? And I mean MANY leg injuries?

Maybe that's why we older fans are apparently in the crosshair,...you idiots can't fool us.idiots

Quinn believes they need all the help they can get.
“This is a very good offensive line,” Quinn said of Chicago’s protection.
“That’s the first thing that jumps out when you put their tape in. Especially the inside three, the guards, the center, the tackles are good, too. I think they’ll be one of the better lines that we would see.”