Sorry Packers fans,...I've always suspected Aaron Rodgers is a goober with a great arm.

While Rodgers believes the NFL is taking strides toward being more accepting, he tried to explain why players fear coming out. He said not having guaranteed contracts in football has a lot to do with it.

“There’s a fear of job security,” Rodgers said. “If you have a differing opinion, differing sexual orientation, they can get rid of you. So is it better just to be quiet and not ever say anything? And not risk getting cut, with people saying: ‘Well, it’s because you can’t play?”

What reality is Rodgers living in? "not having guaranteed contracts?"hahaha Falcons RB Freeman was just guaranteed 24 mil baby so don't try that unless ya mean the entire contract be guaranteed which is ridiculous when we're talking $70 million bucks, pffffft It's simply not viable to the success of an NFL franchise. And good gried Aaron,'re a multi, multi millionaire man, don't give me that ****.

If you all recall, in Brett Favray's last days in Green Bay it was reported the future HOFamer did NOT tudor nor offer any help to the young eventual starter. I wonder why.

Aaron liked to, after a TD pass which are numerous, act like he was putting on a WWF Championship belt, maybe a boxing belt. Hadn't seen that recently.

At chicity/forums some Bears fans are suggesting Rodgers was speaking of himself when he said, "different sexual orientation." I dunno 'bout that but one guy provided pics of Rodgers with women and then men. hmmm,...he do seem to have different body language when with just a man or with just a woman but one can always find photos of people which could prove one's point.

But still we're talkin' 'bout fans of division foes and still, say, Drew Brees said that I wouldn't jump to a conclusion like those folks did. Is Brees an arrogant **** who has a map for a face?,...sure. But I'd have never considered his personal sexual orientation about that statement. And who cares if he's gay or not? Good grief if the Falcons had Satan at QB and we could win a Lombardi? See what I mean?

Btw,...when Rodgers said, they who was he referring to? The NFL in New York, NFL owners, NFL officials around the country? I go to teams' message board sites to get the *real feel* for a Falcons opponent, not they well paid mediots in they city. The Bears official NFL site at has no message board forums. Other sites come up on bing/google saying the site has been "shut down" or "no longer exists." The Chargers have no MB forums at their site, the Bucs too.

Just wunnerin' if the NFL is desiring weeding out freedom of expression from everyday peeps like us, at like here,...nflfans.hahaha maybe we're sooooo smart 'bout the game we threaten them in some way but it could be the NFL is desirous to force everyone to tune into the NFLN, and espen to get yo info. And to shut yo mouf' boy type thang?