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Thread: KB traded for a 3rd and 7th

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    KB traded for a 3rd and 7th

    Welp, I'm not as down on this as most are. Mainly because I feel that Shula had NO CLUE how to utilize his skill set. My bet is that Buffalo does and we will lots more shorter routes where they will isolate him against a small CB/nickel and use him for 1st downs. Instead of long routes where he'll pick up a Safety with the corner and not get any separation. He wasn't used right here so it's not a loss if you look at it that way.

    Still, Hurney is a chump for not getting more and Shula is a moron for not knowing how to use him (don't give me the "he wasn't good at those short plays" crap either...that's what coaching is for!).

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    I'd have rather they not. If the idea was, "we're not signing him, so we may as well get something", sure. That part, fine. If the O couldn't function with two bigs, OK fair enough, I always thought he and Funchess together was peculiar but it could have worked. If the idea was "give the fast guys more time and/or spend more time developing Samuel", why not take those snaps from Manhertz? Manhertz has been absolute trash. KB hasn't.

    I feel like there's too much "we have to move a guy off the team to change things up" that doesn't make sense. Just make the change. You don't have to move a vet to get a younger player playing. Hell, move someone so we can play Taylor Moton, then.

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    There is something weird going on with the team internally, that we are not privy to. Too much in-season drama for a team that has prided itself on keeping the focus and less extra-curricular activity during the season. For one thing, Hurney sure isn't acting like the interim GM. There is more to the GMan firing than meets the eye. I wouldn't be surprised at a complete overhaul next season if the Panthers don't make it deep into the post season this year.

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