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Thread: The four little Bears

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    The four little Bears

    Let the chess match begin. I know, am harping that John Fox can find a way to beat the Falcons but geesh, I know the boy's history in Charlotte. Truthfully he makes me wary, vewy vewy wary. Well, here's a lst of the Bears running backs. Very asimilar to the Falcons a couple years ago, young and fast,...especially young.

    Jordan Howard,...1300 yds rushing last year as a rookie with 6 TDs a long run of 69 yds. He's thick at 220 lbs. averaged over 5 yards a carry.

    Rookie Tarek Cohen,...just 5'6" 180 lbs. a burner. Likes to cut back according to scouting reports. He's a backup return guy.

    Benny Cunningham from the Rams,...pretty much a backup career-wise. And another backup return guy.

    The Bears have 4 RBs, another rookie, Taquan Mizzell,...5'10" 192 and at Virginia he was a superb pass catching back as well as runner.

    Howard is called the Bears best offensive player so he must be. Interesting the Cowboys rookie RB garnered all the attention last year and this guy was someone we never heard of while rushing for over 5 yds a carry.

    There's no chance the Bears win come Sunday in a shootout, just no way. Reason why I listed these four guys is that, imo, all 4 will have to perform in order for the Bears to have a chance. And John Fox isn't shy 'bout committing the entire offensive plan to running the ball twice as much as passing it,...seen it happen several times whenst he was Panthers' HC. When Fox does this he uses a 3 back rotation. He knows the Falcons will also be looking to run the ball too,...a lot. whew gonna be a 2 hour 30 minute game apparently. But historically matches between these teams are low scoring defensive affairs, so.

    Can't help but think of the 1980's Bears teams. Never forget 1986 when the Crows flew to Chicargo,...Bears 13 Falcons 10. One of the greatest games I've ever watched. And 30 years later this game Sunday is extremely intruiging.

    So whatta ya do if you're Dan Quinn? Well I'm no expert so just lemme suggest. The Falcons linebackers are *light* in weight posessing speed. We know Q is stubborn,...always in zone/man cover, always LBs nowhere to be seen over the middle. Always depending on the front four to stop the run and pass rush with hardly any blitzes if any at all. Last season the Falcons were around 24th against the run and the reason why is this defensive scheme. I wanna sigh,...but it would be nice to see a *run blitz* that Mike Smith/Jerry Glanvile called many times. What's cool 'bout the run blitz is that if it turns out to be a pass play, go get the QB! Hell, you're already committed so go get him. After two years it's easy to read Q's philosophy. It helped get them to a Super Bowl but,...honestly the offense was the reason they went that far, not the defense. Jus sayin'

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    #Bears' coach John Fox: "We're gonna be a run-oriented team.'
    1:39 PM - Sep 4, 2017 as we say 'round here,...there it is
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