Remember when Saints fans were sayin' cha ching? It didn't last long but anyway, oh yeah, if you wager on the NFL now's the time to bet.

Disclaimer,...where I reside it's illegal to wager on thangs, so I don't do it. Just always interesting to see how people feel 'bout games is all, Vegas/NY/LA.

The Crows are currently 7 pt faves which could change according to trends in betting. But they be some games 'round the league which are interesting.

Patriots are 8.5 pts faves at home against the Chiefs?hmmm, we'll see 'bout dat. I'm no expert but last I recall the Chiefs beat a team last season AT ATLANTA, yeah they beat an eventual Super Bowl team. And the Bills at home are 8.5 faves to win that one. When point spreads in the NFL are so extreme there's chances to win. The other extreme is Pittsburg at Cleveland, 8.5. Now that one is interesting. To place such large odds in an opening Sunday is very, ummmm curious.

The rest of the spreads are around 3 points except one,...Panthers at Niners. Cats are 5.5 faves at San Francisco.hmmmm,...fortunately I had the chance to watch three Niners preseason games. And it was funny to me,...the Niners' offense looked juuuuust like the Falcons offense last season, JUST like it! And hey, is there any wonder why? Just sayin' the Panthers defense has struggled against Mister Shanny and his famous WCO.

Back to the Falcons/Bears,...I'm tellin' ya'll John Fox will attempt to play keep away to keep away that potent Falcons offense. We alllll know the drill. Run the ball even when it ain't working, force turnovers and did I say run the ball a lot? If the Falcons defense has any weakness it's stopping the run. But that would take a head coach willing to devote his game plan to the run, even if down in score. I'll explain later for you ******* and *****. Fox has done this before. If forced to bet, I'd bet on the Bears making the game close.

Anyway, ya'll wagerers should have fun with these spreads.