Welp, the hillbillies from atlanner come up thar to chicargo in a week. So thought I'd check out Bears fans on some thangs. Fascinating.

Appears to me a majority of these people are eyeing to jettison John Fox. There was a few to defend like this guy,...


They have a good site to post,...hahaha with no pop ups I add. I admire their loyalty to they team. And unnerstanable they're starving to watch good football from they team. But many Bears fans are down on Fox.

It's ironic to me,...John Fox's 1st game of 2017 hosting the Falcons. See, I KNOW Fox's methods. Good grief, he caused more misery to the Falcons than did the first HC of the Panthers, Dom Capers.

Well, I am warning Falcons fans, and trying to tell Bears fans that John Fox will prepare his team to win the first game, against the Falcons. A win over a Super Bowl team to start the season would mean quite a lot to the Bears,...big time. A win over the Falcons would, well could, strengthen the roster's confidence and maybe a 9 win season.

I'm tellin' ya'll John Fox is a Falcon killer.