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Thread: And so it begins

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    And so it begins

    At some point the possibility of Indianapolis drafting one of the QBs then trading away 'damaged goods' (that'll be the spin) Andrew Luck will sink in.

    It hasn't yet but it will.

    It would be the stupidest thing they'll ever do.

    Washington, Cleveland, Bufffalo undoubtedly will be looking to make a deal. I the Jets too.
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    Shut the fck up GG!
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    If you start 39 more threads about this point...

    It will still be stupid.

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    The latest in his long line of obsessions, who can forget the immortal Rex Grossman being the next Joe Willie!

    His incredibly stupid Luck obsession will fade in a couple of weeks only to be replaced by another.
    "On to 2017"

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