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    Well, well,...espen's Falcons beat writer has come out with his predickshun as to how the season will go. Milk dud Todd McClure assessed every game giving reasons for winning and losing games as he went thru the sched. Cool, I wonder if these espen types are required to make these predictions or something, I dunno, maybe they're so lazy all they can do is make predictions cause heck, it's easy to speculate. The Heath Evans types do this every preseason and it's fun to go back after the season and see just how wrong they were.

    Personally I try to avoid season predictions,...haha cause I've been sooooo wrong sooooo many times. It's like no one can predict it man, that's just all. In 1998 I predicted a 9-7 season, they go 14-2. 1999 predicted a 12-4 season,...ummmm 5-11?geeesh, I be done with that. Now I just say like it'll be between 9 to 12 wins cause I don't know what's gonna happen in November, December. Then I add that who knows? Ya lose a couple big time players(what happened in 1999), and the poop could hit the proverbial fan.

    Well, here's McClure's opening statement<sigh> and these people, many times will this be said, written? Like we don't know?

    Will the Falcons avoid a Super Bowl hangover and clear the memories of that devastating 34-28 overtime loss to the*New England Patriots*from their heads? Only time will tell.

    Oh well boys and girls, you Falcons fans may as well embrace the suck so to speak. So then McClure covers his butt,...

    Here are game-by-game predictions for how the Falcons *might* fare in 2017.

    HAHA! Now that's pretty smart, using that one word,..."might." I often use that word and in reality it's admitting one really doesn't know what's gonna happen.

    McClure predicted a 11-5 season which is reasonable as there some Falcons fans, believe it or not, who are literally thinking the Falcons go 16-0,...I swear the posts are there and they be serious when ya think they be joking!whew But the teams McClure thinks the Falcons lose to are the Pats, Boys, Vikes, Panthers and Bucs. He predicted a sweep of the Saints. Sounds reasonable.

    These sports writers/reporters whatever *know* the fan base of NFL teams and get a feel for them thru message boards, social media and all that. McClure was born nowhere near Georgia but after a few years he's starting to learn what's like being a Falcons fan. Let's just say that lately he's been less critical amd more aawwwww,...loving. espen.cawm

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    Nice shot of J/J burning Cromartie, tho wish that y'all would a won that one. D/J each went 8-8 in 2013. As for predictions, looking at teams is quite a bit different, if you are a spectator or not. Let's say for the sake of argument that you are a member of the Falcons staff and you use management strategy in a calculated effort to find out which teams are the most important ones to beat this season ok?

    The ESPN prediction is just the baseline, and as with that Jets game in 2013 strategy can make a crucial difference. Nobody knew who was going to win that one even though the Jets were outplayed on the statistical ledger. Falcons had way more 1st Downs, T.O.P., and just about every stat. Somehow the now-despised Jeno Smith had a career game with a passer rating of 147+. Everything went right for them that day. It was their second straight road game too.

    For the Falcons it was their second straight home game. Everything should have went their way but for some reason it was adding insult to injury. Atlanta's previous two opponents were the Pats and Dolphins and they lost to them too. Three straight L's brother, that was rough.

    So back to predictions vs. strategy. The teams are just like companies in the marketplace. One of the reasons the Pats consistently do so well may have nothing to no with on the field performance and simply be better risk calculation.

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