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Thread: Starts in 9 days

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    Starts in 9 days

    After this preseason there's reason for *some* concern. I contend the Falcons starting lineup is the most talented in the league with, of course, the Patriots a close 2nd. But when the rookies, 2nd/3rd string guys came in it was just ugly. The most glaring area of,...ummmm poor play was the O-line. My gawsh there was absolutely no push on run plays and Matt Simms had to run for his life too many times. Then there's the backups on defense,...oh my. Against the Dolphins, Steelers, Cardinals and Jaguars backups the D was just awful. Point being, the Falcons best stay healthy this season.

    One thang is 'bout the possibility, no, the certainty that a starter will go down, is that there are 11 players out there and maybe the other 9 or 10 starters are good enough to cover the lack of talent at one position. If the backup is hongrey 'nuff he might raise the level of his game, to be thinking positive. And the Falcons lost 3 starting D-players for the season and still went to the SB. So, that's my concern anyway.

    The 2016 Falcons O-line was the only unit in the league to start the same guys for a season and into the playoffs.

    And it's funny,...the concern is that the Falcons could become an average team quickly, not that the season could be lost. Nope ain't goin' that far. The roster is soooooo talented anythin' less than a playoff berth is not acceptable. I remind you Falcons fans sumthin' rat now. The Panthers, Buccaneers, Saints will determine the Falcons fate late in the season, one way or the other. It's a long time from now but it looms muchly. Guess best focus on the first game at SOLDIER FIELD!

    And believe me, John Fox former Panthers HC has something in store for the Falcons,...I promise. More on that later. It's just 9 days before it all begins.

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    I really like Fox too. He's an excellent coach, except for the end of his Panther tenure that is. Even that indirectly provided the Fins with a reprieve at QB, as Matt Moore was sent out. Now Da Bears are without Cutlery and I.M.O. their best entertainment option is the former Jet's USC pick Mark Sanchez.

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