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Thread: Favorite Jet Center, Mawae or Mangold?

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    Favorite Jet Center, Mawae or Mangold?

    Both were onown as the best at their respective position in the NFL, it was sad to see Mawae leave in 06 but Mangold came in and did a great job. Neither wad over powering, although Mangold was the stronger of the two. Hard to say who was better or more dominant, both were great at their height. Who can forget Mawae's pulls where he would steam roll everyone in his way, Martin made a living running behind that man! It lasted around 8 years but man what a run! Mangold played 11 years for the Jets I believe and I hope like Brick he will not play for any other team.

    I remember thinking well, at least we will have our LT and Center for the next 10 years and I was exactly right, wish they could at least have played 5 years more. If I had to choose I would go with Mangold, He played longer with us, was probably more of an all round center, Mawae was more athletic and could reach the second level faster than any center I have ever seen, sometimes he looked like and extra TE. Like I said, picking who was better is like splitting hairs!
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    Agree with your splitting hairs comment Slik.

    My favorite is John Schmitt, we won a super bowl with him.
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    Wasn't he always hurt? Sweeny was good too when they moved him to C.
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    We always get a good Center, not QB's like Dallas, GB and The Colts... Center is what we always manage to always get.
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    I have to go with Mangold simply because he was our draft pick and seemed to me to be more of a "true Jet." But, I think Mawae might have a slight edge in terms of overall skill set/talent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSGold12 View Post
    I second this, we manhood a close second..... mawea?!?! Eh, he comes in 4th or 5th

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    Mangold ........Mawae became a locker room cancer at the end

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    Mawae was a pulling center which is a rarity. Mangold held up better against the really big NTs. I give the slight edge to Mawae.

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    Joe Fields a real pro if you've never read nose to nose do Fields has my vote

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