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Thread: NFL owners have lost their minds - Mathew Stafford highest paid QB in NFL history

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    NFL owners have lost their minds - Mathew Stafford highest paid QB in NFL history

    LOL this guy hasn't even won a playoff game yet. He's been in the league almost 10 years!!! $27 million dollars per year it takes my breath away.

    I foresaw the time when teams with capable veteran QBs would be able to compete with the haves thanks to the rule changes, way the games are called that have made it easier than ever for QBs to put up yardage/points but I never ever saw this coming.

    NFL owners paying every mediocre QB like he's Peyton Manning in his prime.

    Holy F ...

    What are these people doing to the game?

    The media is already speculating what Kirk Cousins (another non-superstar) will get, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers.

    What NFL owners are saying is there is absolutely no difference between the true haves and teams in the middle of the pack or a bit below anymore. The way they're handing out these contracts if I didn't know better I'd think half the league has a Peyton Manning in his prtime or Tom Brady at QB.


    It's insanity. They've lost their minds.
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    Just like that there goes my

    Go out and sign a competent, veteran QB that can take advantage of the rule changes, use the cap savings to build a superior team around him master plan.

    Now even a competent QB will be looking to charge like he's Tom Brady. HA!!!

    It could still happen but it's gonna be much tougher to get a deal.

    If you're gonna pay that much pay for the real thing don't pay that much for a cubic zirconia QB.

    Andrew Luck is the real deal. He'd be great in ANY era.

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    Why pay these contracts to these guys when the NFL has made it easier than ever for a capable professional QB to put up star like stats? It's fake.

    It makes no frickin' sense to me.

    RB is where it's at. The position has been GREATLY ($) devalued from what it used to be but the demands on the position haven't changed much. It's one of the most brutal positions in professional sports these guys still touch the ball 150+ times, they're asked to take the pounding, they have to catch, block etc.

    A team could EASILY fit two or three top level RBs under the cap. I'd rather do that than pay Kirk Cousins like he's frickin' Peyton Manning in his prime you kiddin' me?

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